The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall Talks About His Music Career And Personal Views

In an interview that was conducted by in the summer of 2016, Alex Pall, who is one-half of the successful music duo called The Chainsmokers, discussed his views on today’s music industry and how he got his start in it. He stated that he became a DJ while he was growing up in New York, and although it started out as just a hobby of his, he later began showcasing his skills all around the city, and got a career going for himself. He eventually partnered up with another DJ named Rhett Bixler, and from there, The Chainsmokers was formed. But after his first partner left the venture, he was introduced to Andrew Taggart, who was attending college at Syracuse University at the time. Andrew had been an intern at Interscope Records while he was in school, and after meeting Alex, he took an interest in DJing and the EDM genre. A couple of years later, Andrew collaborated with another friend of theirs to write the song Closer, which became one of the band’s biggest hits, and won them a Grammy.

Alex Pall said that working with singer Halsey on Closer was an incredible experience, because he considers her to be a cool and unique person who has a strong voice, and is unapologetic about her personal style. The duo also had a hit with the song Selfie when they first broke onto the music scene. During that time, Alex Pall expressed that he wrote songs for the band that relate to his passions, interests and political ideas, or other things that he cares about. The two music artists have said that they feel that the types of people who connect to their music the most are in the age range of 16 to 25, but they said that there are also those in the over 30 group that enjoy it as well.

When asked what new items they bought after reaching success, Alex Pall said that he bought a house in the Hollywood Hills, but, according to him, he and Taggart aren’t the type of guys to go out and buy expensive cars.