InnovaCare Health’s Leadership Team Includes Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health was looking to add quality leaders to their team, and it found two outstanding people who both have 20 years in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto serves on the board of directors for InnovaCare Health, and Penelope Kokkinides is part of the leadership team at InnovaCare Health. Let’s take a look at their work and education histories.

Penelope Kokkinides

This is Kokkinides second time working for InnovaCare Health. The first time she worked for the company as the Chief Operating Officer. Prior to rejoining the InnovaCare Health team, she worked for Aveta Health as the Chief Operating Officer. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Homes and, at the same company, also worked as the Executive Vice President. At Touchstone Health, she was the Chief Operating Officer, and at AmeriChoice, she worked in care and disease management at the corporate vice president for that division.

Kokkinides also has an extensive background in government programs for healthcare, and she has experience in creating healthcare programs that improve the efficiency of the healthcare system. Her educational background helped prepare her for a career in this industry. She graduated from Binghamton University with an undergraduate degree in classical languages and biological sciences. At New York University, she finished a master’s degree in social work, and at Columbia University, she completed a master’s degree in public health. She also has a post master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse.

Rick Shinto

Apart from being the recipient of several awards, one of which included Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Minority Leaders in Healthcare, Shinto has also worked in the healthcare industry for years. Besides working as a the current President and Chief Executive Officer for InnovaCare, he has also worked as the CEO of Aveta and the CEO for NAMM California. He also worked at Medical Pathways as the Chief Medical Officer, as well as the Chief Operating Officer. Beyond having a long history in the management side of the industry, Shinto also started as a practitioner in pulmonology and an internist. Shinto’s education background includes a degree as a medical doctor, and he also has a Master’s of Business Administration.

InnovaCare Health

This company prides itself on its innovative solutions to healthcare management. It uses technology to streamline processes, bringing higher quality care to more people.

The HGGC Private Equity Firm

HGGC is a privaty equity firm that has helped both individuals and entrepreneurs alike. They have amassed a total of $4.25 billion in investments for their clients, which has included platform investments, captilization and acquisitions. Because of the amount of experience they have with professional investing, they can help a wide range of clients who need proper information on the different types of investments that are available. HGGC was founded in 2007 and is owned and operated by Richard Lawson.

HGGC is well known for their middle marketing investment strategies, which has helped clients of all kinds to realize their true potential and gain the investment portfolios that they need. For this reason, HGGC works with many small companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to start up a business of their own. They work mostly with companies that have over $1 million in annual revenue, so this is obviously a factor to consider when utilizing their services and seeing if they can help you out when it comes to the growth of your own business or enterprise.

The main headquarters for HGGC is located in Palo Alto, California, but they are able to serve customers all over the nation. Because of their expertise and their ability to quickly and easily invest in a variety of different markets, this company has been a wonderful asset for many new and older companies looking to expand their own enterprise. You can contact the company for more information and to find out more about what they can do for you. They will be more than happy to help with your assets and getting you the investment opportunities that you require. You will also find that this company has worked with some of the biggest companies out there, making it quick and easy for you to gain the assets that you require without trying to do all of the investments on your own. For this reason, thousands of people have made use of this company since their inception over a decade ago and they continue to be one of the most popular asset firms in the industry.

Garth Henry Reveals the Potential of Hedge Funds

Gareth Henry was recently featured on the Gazette Day website in an article by James Anderson titled “Gareth Henry Discusses Hedge Funds vs. the Traditional Equity/Bond Investing.” The article reveals how the hedge fund and private credit investor made his career in the alternative assets industry.

Gareth Henry worked as the head of investor relations for Fortress Investments where he was able to understand how to aid asset managers and help them develop a greater understanding of their products. One of his main responsibilities as the middleman between investors and asset managers is to explain the alternative strategies to build up a portfolio. Though hedge funds have become incredibly popular lately, Gareth Henry has revealed how hedge funds can help investors diversify their portfolios. Read more on

Henry graduated from the University of Heriot-Watt in Scotland where he gained his BS in actuarial mathematics. He discovered his love of complicated strategies and was always a dedicated math geek. However, he has discovered that a key part of success is in developing relationships. He helped create a network to help investors understand the relationships between hedge fund investments, equity, and bonds. He wanted to help them understand why alternative assets like these can compare to a portfolio of traditional investments.

Gareth Henry reveals that there is a focus on risk and returns for most investors he knows and that it is necessary to understand stocks, bonds, and hedge funds to get an idea of the whole picture.

Hedge funds haven’t been matching the stock market because the stock market has had a meteoric rise in the past several years. However, hedge funds typically perform better than the stock market and their performance can often be extremely volatile, making them riskier investments. Even though bonds and stocks can be volatile at times, they are often more predictable. Hedge funds, on the other hand, are an entirely different niche of investing. However, they can often have greater returns than the index. They are a popular investment even though their performance is often overshadowed by mutual funds and ETF investments. However, hedge funds can prosper during a downturn on the market, which makes them more popular with those who have a high net worth.Visit

Talos Energy Leads the Way in New Gulf of Mexico Drilling

Pemex, a state-run energy firm operating in Mexico, is teaming up with Talos Energy to develop a new oil and gas discovery in the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy has been making moves in the Gulf of Mexico after recently acquiring Stone Energy in a $2 billion merger. The move was part of a series of decisions which increased their presence in the Gulf of Mexico in a time when many companies were suspending operations there. The departure of rival firms left open a prime opportunity for Talos Energy, and they began acquiring interests in the gulf.

Mexico has undergone deregulation as of late due to new leadership in the country. The result has been called the Zama project, and last year Talos Energy discovered a major oil deposit. The find could yield up to 800 million recoverable barrels of oil.

This is adjacent to the area where Pemex is operating, and the Mexican company could be drilling its own well by year’s end. The partnership between Pemex and Talos Energy, along with other firms, means that the companies will share data and work together to increase production in the area. President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has indicated he will strengthen Pemex when he enters into the office of the presidency in December.

Obrador has also placed hope in companies like Talos Energy to help end a production slump which dates back to the early 2000s. Mexican officials have approved a $325 million plan for the Zama project in which Talos and the group will drill two new wells, slated for a mid-2019 completion date. The start date for drilling is planned for the end of November. The whole project has a goal of 100,000-150,000 barrels a day by the year 2023.

The delays are due to the logistical realities of drilling in the gulf. Team officials point out they will have to construct many platforms in 500 feet of water. They are confident that the gas will make its way to the local market as planned.

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Benefits of Taking ORGANO Gold Coffee

Coffee prides itself for being one of the most enjoyed beverages in the so many areas. People take it in the morning so that they can kick-start their day, while others take it at night so that they can work for many more hours when the rest of the world is sleeping. The social beverage has found its way in most of the restaurants, homes and many social amenities where people love to meet.

ORGANO Gold is unique direct selling company that set its self from all the coffee manufacturing companies in the world. This firm produces coffee and many other beverages that have a positive in the lives of the people. The firm was founded ten years ago, and it has been made unique by the Chinese mushroom it has been including in its coffee. The coffee products from this global firm have won hearts, and they are supplied from one customer to the other. If you want to enjoy your coffee and still reap numerous benefits from it, consider getting the brand from ORGANO Gold. People who consume this brand can be assured of the following benefits:

Cancer prevention: Cancer is among the diseases that keep many people awake in the recent times. The ingredients in the coffee manufactured by ORGANO Gold will help to boost the immunity, and in return, the body will have the ability to fight any cancer cells that are growing in the body. The mushroom in the coffee, known as Ganoderma Lucidum will keep the body operating in the healthiest form.

Cardiovascular health: There are millions of people who have lost their lives because of heart related diseases in the past. Scientists have realized that consuming the mushroom found in ORGANO Gold coffee will promote the flow of blood in the body, and it will also lessen the amount of oxygen that is used in the heart. The herb can also effectively lower blood pressure and the dangerous cholesterol in the body.

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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Comments On The Current State Of The Company

The new CEO of Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie and he believes that the company needs to do more for its customers. After declining in sales for some time, the pizza brand has seen improvement in its revenue and are excited for what the future holds. The CEO mentioned in a conference call that the company is making progress and that they are improving, but that the brand could implement more changes. Steve Ritchie has become the new CEO of Papa John’s and has implemented some changes to bring business. The company has checked up on employees to see how they are doing and to make sure that they are providing great service too. People have been more positive and encouraged by Papa John’s as they launched a campaign called “Voices” back in September. Both the company and the CEO are pleased with the changes that they have made.

As per Biz Journals, the pizza brand was hit with some adversity as their revenue for the third quarter was way below expectations from analysts and the brand expectations itself. The company’s revenue was way down from last year, losing millions of dollars as earnings for shares were also down equally. Store sales across the world also decreased in the US and abroad to prove the data accurate. Papa John’s, as a result, opened new stores to battle it and have made changes in the high up positions to create a good culture and solid foundation. The company understands that they need good team members and people in power to succeed. They acknowledge that without that, their business would be nothing. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns believes that the changes that the company has made at the executive positions have also helped in the long run. According to the article, Mike Nettles is now the executive vice president and the brand has opened more roles. There is a lot of growth for Papa John’s and more potential with Steve Ritchie as the CEO.

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GreenSky offers a win-win-win scenario

Greensky is a fintech that connects borrowers with banks for instant loan processing. It is seen as an offline version of Lending Tree. It does not send any money to borrowers but offers the technology needed to connect borrowers to the lenders. It makes its profits through the fees it charges to facilitate the transaction between these two parties. It is one of the best performing fintechs at the moment. In 2017, it managed to facilitate over $230 million in loans which was a huge improvement from what had been recorded the previous year.

GreenSky offers win-win-win

Investors in this fintech have high hopes that it will turn out to be one of the most successful investments in the future. One of the early investors in this company is the co-founder of Capital One Nigel Morris. He is the first institutional investor to buy shares in this company. One might want to know what win-win-win standards for. Nigel Morris came up with this description referring to the fact that merchants, consumers, and banks benefit from the operations of the fintech.

Nigel Morris is a reputable investor who managed to build Capital One from a tiny startup to the largest credit card issuer in the world. So, when he talks about the prospects of GreenSky being the next big thing, he is doing it from the point of information.

Why is it a win-win-win?

Nigel Morris calls this a win-win-win business for obvious reasons. Merchants or contractors get a chance to convert customers who were stranded without cash to pay for services and even upsell other services since the loan processed can be higher than the actual amount applied for. Consumers, on the other hand, enjoy the freedom of paying for certain services with flexibility. The loan repayment is paid over time and therefore does not bother the consumer too much. To make it better, consumers pay for the loan without incurring any interest. For the banks, they benefit from high loan volumes with minimal effort.

In the whole process of win-win-win, GreenSky also benefits. Each of the transaction it facilitates is charged. They also get a consistent stream of income for the period of servicing the loan. The transaction fee usually is about 7.4 percent of the transacted amount.

Talkspace: A Mind and Soul Therapy

With the world and the environment being surrounded by different stressors from different sources, it is no unusual event that one would need therapy for his mental health – but then again, accessing therapy and medical help can sometimes be costly, which is why individuals who suffer from these illnesses sometimes get left untreated.

With the world’s available technology, Talkspace was invented. An online mobile therapy application that is available for a significantly cheaper price to be accessed and availed by individuals who can not afford to go to a lisenced therapist. Talkspace is backed and founded on the study of Doctor Irvin D. Yalom, a professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University and Dr. Andrew Sekel Ph. D., along with their other colleagues – have made Talkspace to be a safe space for individuals with mental health problems.

If you do not know who Michael Phelps is, then you are missing out on learning from a man of dedication, excellence and hardwork. To give you a clue on who he is- he is named and called the “Flying Fish” and “The Baltimore Bullet” – this is simply because he is the most gracious but deadly fast on his signature and forte event, the 100m Butterfly. Michael Phelps is the most prosperous Olympian and holds the all-time record for holding the most Olympic gold medals in individual events – this goes along with his 28 medals in his sport, swimming. He became most dominant in his time (which wasn’t really long ago) because of his strong mindset, willpower, well fortified work ethic and hardwork. Needless to say, he is a man to look up to, and he is a man to gain inspiration from. This is why he is the excellent man to represent Talkspace.

With all the fame and glory, life comes in balance. Dark days were bound to come for Michael and he was left with depression and anxiety that he could not handle alone. The mind can be a dark place to be, most especially when the lights of fame and glory dim out. It would seem like a strong man like Michael would be unshakeable but him asking for help is the bravest thing that the he has done and the is a tower of light for those people who are scared to ask for help. Michael has collaborated with Talkspace Online Therapy to share how asking for help and therapy has saved his life.

Alex Hern: Leading The Way In Bringing Augmented Reality To San Diego

Alex HernAlex Hern is no stranger to the entrepreneurial game. After doing it for 25 years, he has picked up a thing or two about guiding new companies to flourish. During most of his career, he has focused on early-stage companies, guiding several to go public. Examples of his handiwork would include being the co-founder and director of the security firm ArcSight, which itself went public and was sold to Hewlett-Packard for 1.5 billion dollars. This isn’t his latest crowning achievement, however.

Alex Hern has lately been working with a number of different companies to develop the technology of augmented reality and bring it to the mainstream. Even though this technology is in its infancy, Alex Hern knows that it is the wave of the future. As the current CEO of Tsunami XR, Alex Hern knows he has an important role in bringing augmented reality to the community of San Diego. Alex Hern realizes that the first step is to understand what augmented reality is and what it is not. Perhaps the best definition belongs to Wikipedia, which reads as augmented reality being “an interactive experience within a real world environment where body objects are augmented by computer-generated conceptual info.” Generally, this experience would include visual, auditory, haptic, olfactory and other senses. This medium has often been loosely described as being “real-world reality with a virtual overlap.”

Alex Hern also realizes that augmented reality is most often noted in the field of entertainment. Indeed, the most notable early example of this would be in NFL football, where in the late 1990s a yellow line was first projected on a football field to give fans an exact idea of how far their team had to advance for a first-down. Hern is actually leading the way at looking beyond the entertainment industry and seeing how AR can impact the business realm as well. For example, Microsoft has put out a new product called HaloLens, which, among the many other things, has been found to be dynamic for construction workers in the form of a uniquely-useful hard hat. This is just one example of where this product has sold like hotcakes, and this is one of the main reasons why Alex Hern wants to continue to be on this cutting-edge.

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The Incredible Music Success of GreenSky

Bluegrass is a musical genre that can get passed over far too often. However, there are musicians out there who have created groups in this genre. GreenSky is an example of a band that has had a great deal of success in the Bluegrass world. Their unique tunes and great lyrics have given them a loyal fan base that has helped them to become who they are today. GreenSky continues to push forward the genre while bringing it to new demographics and age groups. Their approach to the genre has been one that many bands have not been able to match or recreate.

It is exciting to see GreenSky take their genre to new levels. Their recent show at Red Rocks showed that they can play bigger venues and still have a massive sound. This is an eye-opener for many music lovers who once thought Bluegrass was just for small county fairs and barnyard get-togethers. With the success of GreenSky due to their amazing lyrics and sounds since their formation in 2000, it is easy to see why fans keep coming back to these talented musicians.

There are some Bluegrass purists who do not agree with the way GreenSky interpret the genre. However, this band continues to push forward with their version of Bluegrass that has helped them to become the success they are today. Their mix of acoustic stomp and rock & roll is what has given them a newer sound. While some purists may not like this mixture, there sure are a lot of fans who have come to enjoy this sound. Their nine albums have had a great deal of success in the genre despite charting on any pop charts. This shows that a band with this level of skill does not need major radio play to continue progressing.

It will be exciting to see what the next few years have in store for GreenSky. This band will continue to bring their entertaining mix of Bluegrass to the masses. Time will only tell how many more incredible albums this great band will end up producing.