Fagali Airport and what t do

Fagali International Airport is one of the prime travel getaway destinations in the Polynesian south pacific islands. This Samoan island based airport sits on the island of Upolu which is Samoans capital and the largest city. When you first arrive at the airport you might be surprised at how many things there are to see and do. There is always daily deals you can get from the airport that involve the nearby attractions and entertainment. The local cuisines are full of flavor and live music fills the air of most restaurants. All in all, you will not find a more exciting island to visit int he Polynesians than Fagali! Related Links

Samoa Culture Village is a popular tourist destination, and it is also trendy amongst the locals as well. This is a place full of culture and festivals that smell the air of great food! You can really get a feel of the Fagali way of life here! Then there is always good ol’ scuba and snorkeling which is still a favorite thing to do when you have clear aqua blue waters displaying the vibrant coral and colorful fish. Maybe you would rather stay above the water and go to Lefaga Beach. This is a beach that stretches for miles and is open tot the public. It is a fun destination for families and couples. Next on the list of fun things to do is visiting the Museum of Samoa which is a historical day trip that you will love! Make sure to bring your camera because you will want to take several pictures of all the different artifacts. Last I would like to mention the beautiful and notorious Papapapaitai Falls. Trying saying that ten times fast! This waterfall is 360 degrees of breathtaking panoramic views! You can also find great deals on shopping here for the latest and newest electronic devices and other valuables. This is the ultimare getaway in the middle of paradise that you will never forget! Fagali has everything you need to have a wonderful time!

Check: https://www.accuweather.com/en/as/fagalii/96799/weather-forecast/2123644