Betsy DeVos: Making Good Choices for America’s Children

There a lot of information about alternative education in an interview that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos gave to Philanthropy Roundtable well before she was appointed to that office. Up until recently, people were not aware that there were so many options available to them when it came to an educational choice. Many parents thought that they were stuck with the schools that serve their school districts. Instead, Betsy DeVos is pushing for better legislation that would allow parents more mobility when it comes to educational choice. Parents have been put in a position where they must choose between their children’s education and their own financial security. It has made for a very tough climate indeed.


Betsy DeVos is much more of a fighter than she is a passive bystander. A quick look at her past shows how willing she is to jump into the thick of it. Parents who have been advocating for school choice for years look to Betsy DeVos as a major spokesperson for the movement. In fact, Betsy DeVos has been pushing for school choice since before people were comfortable with the idea. It earned her a lot of ire from the public. People all over the nation were feeling threatened by her desire to push against public schools. Her desire is never been to eliminate the system but rather improve it with the introduction of a competition element. If these schools, feel as though they must attract students then they may start implementing policies that will attract better talent and help students learn. Right now, it is simply a race for public funding.


Betsy DeVos has been such a proponent for charter schools that she recently visited Florida charter school to ascertain its effectiveness on its student population. She’s very pleased to find that many of the female students that were being educated there had been exceeding their expected educational goals. This is something that she feels will be prevalent throughout the country in these charter schools. As they continue to grow parents all over the nation will see a marked change in their children. Betsy DeVos has been pushing for this type of education because she knows how important it is to educate students now rather than go through a re-education process when they get older and enter more privatized education at the college level. It is her hope that parents will look at the suggestions that she is offered seriously and make good choices for their children.


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