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Marc Beer is the CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder of Renovia. With over 25 years of development in diagnostics, devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Beer’s company Renovia is developing various therapeutic products to help solve pelvic floor issues that affect nearly 250 million women worldwide. The company’s first project: Leva, which is a Digital system that uses Bluetooth and visualization to allow women to rehabilitate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, recently received FDA approval in April of 2018.

Beer attended Miami University from 1983 to 1987 in Oxford Ohio.

In 2000, Marc Beer became the CEO of ViaCell. Which is a company specializing in the collection and preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. Over the period of seven years, Marc Beer took the company ViaCell from its inception in 2000 to a rapidly growing operation. He also served at Erytech Pharma as a member of the board of directors, which is a bio-pharmaceutical company. Most recently, he held various positions at Genzyme as Vice President of Global Marketing.

More than 250 million women are affected by some sort of pelvic disorder worldwide, and this is what the company has set out to change. The company Renovia has already started to see success, with their first product Leva getting FDA approval in April.

Pelvic disorders often result in pain, pressure, and often times urinary incontinence, which also can result in pain during intercourse.

Fundraising done by and for Renovia included enough funds in order to run diagnostics, tests, and getting products FDA approval and commercialization of products. With his many years of experience in facilitating product approvals and commercial development in the biotech industry, many people believe that Marc Beer is the right person for this operation.

Marc Beer’s company Renovia, is organized and committed to women’s health products. Their goal is to provide a better quality of life for women who are affected by pelvic floor conditions.

The Longwood Fund, is an investing firm that is health-care focused. They invested early in Renovia, and joined the Series B Round. As well as numerous other contributors. The company has claimed that the funding will focus on using the funds mainly towards testing and developing for more and more diagnostic and therapeutic products, including another version of the Leva device. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


How CEO Of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer Has Pledged To Find A Solution Pelvic Floor Disorders In Woemn

Marc Beer is the co-founder and the CEO of Renovia Inc., a biotech firm that focuses on treating pelvic floor disorders mostly urinary incontinence by developing diagnostic devices. Marc recently received a funding of $32 million and $10 million in venture debt which will be directed in researching and developing devices for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women.

Renovia Inc. Carries out its operations from Boston and recently launched their FDA approved device called Leva. Studies show that urinal incontinence affects close to 250 million women across the goal and Renovia Inc. Is committed to diagnosing and treating it with his advanced therapeutic devices.



A frequent investor of the biotech firm, Longwood Fund, is an investment company that focuses on health care and have been investing in Renovia since its inception. The funding as already mentioned will be used for research and development of devices that will counteract the effects of pelvic floor disorders.



Marc Beer expressed his excitement and happiness regarding the support of Longwood Fund and praised them by saying how both of them have the same vision of the future, which according to them would fill up the marketplace with their unique devices for the treatment of urinal incontinence in women.



With over two decades of experience in the development of biotech, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic devices, Marc has an extensive knowledge in these domains which has helped him devise unique strategies for speeding up the research and data collection work.



Before Renovia Inc., Marc has founded companies with a noble cause. One of them is ViaCell which specializes in preserving and extracting stem cells for research from the umbilical cord. The company grew at a very fast pace under the supervision of Marc Beer ViaCell was purchased by PerkinElmer in the year 2007.



During his tenure at ViaCell, he was simultaneously a Board Member of the pharmaceutical firm called Erytech Pharma. He managed time very well which allowed him to oversee work at more than one firm. Marc Beer held top management positions at Genzyme, and he spent most of his tenure at Genzyme as the Global Marketing head and was responsible for the product launches of three different products that were designed to tackle uncommon diseases across the world.



Prior to heading Genzyme, Marc was involved in the sales and marketing division of the diagnostic and pharmaceutical departments of Abbott Labs. His other achievements include being a former member of Mass Life Science Board and his tenure at Biotechnology Industry Organizations was also an enriching experience according to him. Apart from holding top positions in different firms, he manages to make time out of his busy schedule to actively being a part of local donations to charities and non-profit organizations that helped people around the vicinity. Learn more: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/18/08/r12237847/osf-ventures-invests-in-company-developing-solutions-for-pelvic-floor-


Graeme Holm And Infinity Group Australia Puts Customers First

Graeme Holm, who was an MPA Top 100 Broker, began a six-month project along with partner Rebecca Walker in 2013 which included researching the Australian mortgage market and developing a business plan to address any problems found. Holm and Walker came to the conclusion that many Australian families were not receiving adequate support and guidance when buying homes. The pair also concluded that in many of these cases, Australian families were simply making bad deals with financial institutions.


The two addressed their findings by launching Infinity Group Australia and offers a customer experience vastly different from what can be expected from traditional brokers. The infinity group method begins with a number of fact-finding exercises to get a complete picture of the families current financial positions and well as their goals and desires.


The next step is to work with families to create a weekly budget to cover expenses like fuel, food, and entertainment. Holm works to imprint the philosophy into clients that if the cash for a purchase is not available then do not make the purchase. Holm reinforces this message with the teachings that every dollar has a purpose and that it is important to distinguish the difference between a need and a want.


Next, is where Infinity Group really separates itself from other brokers who are in most cases done with clients as soon a the ink is dried on the mortgage contract. Infinity assigns a personal banker to work with each family it services to aid them in paying off their loans as soon as possible.


Clients receive a performance report each month from Infinity Group that keeps them abreast of their progress when compared to the original goals and enable them along with their advisor to make any adjustments that are needed.


Graeme Holm explains the Infinity Group approach by explaining that he and Rebecca Walker wanted to provide ongoing support over the complete life cycle of the loan for clients.


The result of the Infinity approach has been the only convincing the company has needed as clients have on average paid off 30-year mortgages in seven to ten years and cut $41,000 in debt in the first year with Infinity alone.


In addition to the results, the company gains for its clients there is also the excellent customer service that is a hallmark of Infinity Group Australia. Clients of the company greatly appreciate the fact that the heavy lifting is done by Infinity which affords them the luxury of spending more time with family and friends without having to worry about bills and personal finance matters.


About Graeme Holm



Graeme Holm has worked in the financial sector for 17 years and has received accreditation in financial planning, real estate, and finance. Holm became disillusioned with the mortgage process in his native Australia when he began to understand that many Australian families received less than stellar deals when working directly with financial institutions. This provided the inspiration for him to launch Infinity Group Australia.

Learn more : http://brokerbusinessexchange.com.au/conference-schedule/