Talos Energy Offers Positive Experiences in The Oil Drilling Industry

Even though Talos Energy works in the oil industry, they feel they have a responsibility to the people they provide their products to. They want to help their clients as well as their employees so they can make sure they’re doing everything the right way. The company also spends a lot of time figuring out all the best options that might make it easier for them to help clients. As long as they’re able to give them things that might make a difference in the industry, they feel good about what they’re doing. The company also knows there is a lot of value that comes from the employees. If they have good employees who like their jobs and who work hard to make sure they’re doing the right thing, the company will run better. It’ll also be better for the people who do things the right way. After they spend time learning about how to help people, they know their most important job is providing the employees with the best experience possible.

Thanks to their hard work and the way they do business, Talos Energy knows a lot of ways they can provide for their employees and their clients. It’s important to the company to always help people and give them better chances at the right options for the company. It’s also a good idea for them to show people they can get more from the oil they have to offer. Offshore drilling is important to the company and it helps the company stay in business.

After Talos Energy learned about what they could do and how they could give back to different communities, they felt good about everything they were doing. As long as the company spent time helping people, they’d have a way to make things better for everyone. It’s important to them to show people they can do things right without the worry that comes from running a hard company. By focusing on how they can help, they set themselves apart. Other oil companies don’t know how to help people in the same way Talos Energy helps their clients.

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Talos Energy Leads the Way in New Gulf of Mexico Drilling

Pemex, a state-run energy firm operating in Mexico, is teaming up with Talos Energy to develop a new oil and gas discovery in the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy has been making moves in the Gulf of Mexico after recently acquiring Stone Energy in a $2 billion merger. The move was part of a series of decisions which increased their presence in the Gulf of Mexico in a time when many companies were suspending operations there. The departure of rival firms left open a prime opportunity for Talos Energy, and they began acquiring interests in the gulf.

Mexico has undergone deregulation as of late due to new leadership in the country. The result has been called the Zama project, and last year Talos Energy discovered a major oil deposit. The find could yield up to 800 million recoverable barrels of oil.

This is adjacent to the area where Pemex is operating, and the Mexican company could be drilling its own well by year’s end. The partnership between Pemex and Talos Energy, along with other firms, means that the companies will share data and work together to increase production in the area. President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has indicated he will strengthen Pemex when he enters into the office of the presidency in December.

Obrador has also placed hope in companies like Talos Energy to help end a production slump which dates back to the early 2000s. Mexican officials have approved a $325 million plan for the Zama project in which Talos and the group will drill two new wells, slated for a mid-2019 completion date. The start date for drilling is planned for the end of November. The whole project has a goal of 100,000-150,000 barrels a day by the year 2023.

The delays are due to the logistical realities of drilling in the gulf. Team officials point out they will have to construct many platforms in 500 feet of water. They are confident that the gas will make its way to the local market as planned.

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Talos Energy shines in the WoodMackenzie’s annual exploration awards ceremony held in U.K

Talos Energy, the Houston-based exploration and Production Company was recently presented with the ‘Discovery of the Year award’ during the annual explorations awarding ceremony in London. Talos Energy won the award after discovering the Zama oil well in offshore Mexico in mid last year. The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators presented the prize to Talos Energy following the once-in-a-lifetime discovery.

Zama oil well was the first offshore exploration to be done successfully by a private company in Mexico. According to Talos Energy C.E.O, Zama oil discovery was a big win for the privately held company considering that private companies were licensed to explore and drill oil in Mexico a few years ago. Talos C.E.O and Chairman referred to Zama discovery as “both a historical and significant discovery by the firm.”

The newly discovered oil well is expected to produce between 1.4 and 2 billion barrels of crude oil. Talos Energy is the major player in the Zama oil well where it controls 35 percent of the project. Other companies with interests in the Zama oil well include Sierra Oil and Gas Company that holds 40 percent while Premier Oil Company holds 25 percent stake in the oil well.

The Zama oil well runs to a water depth of 165 meters. According to Talos Energy, Zama oil well is among the high-yield discoveries by the company that has had relatively low capital requirements. It is among the few discoveries where the company took a short period before commencing the first production.

Zama oil well beat other discoveries such as Hess, ExxonMobil and Nexen’s Ranger during the nominations where more than 200 top business leaders vote for the most extraordinary discovery. According to Timothy Duncan, winning the awards is a clear indication of the success of Energy reforms in Mexico. The new energy reforms have continued to attract more investors, creating more jobs, as well as generating revenue for the government.

Talos Energy has already entered into negotiations with Pemex, a company holding licenses for the neighboring oil block over the pre-unitization agreement. The agreement will set terms on how the two companies will evaluate the hydrocarbon reservoir and reach to a common field development plan.