The Incredible Music Success of GreenSky

Bluegrass is a musical genre that can get passed over far too often. However, there are musicians out there who have created groups in this genre. GreenSky is an example of a band that has had a great deal of success in the Bluegrass world. Their unique tunes and great lyrics have given them a loyal fan base that has helped them to become who they are today. GreenSky continues to push forward the genre while bringing it to new demographics and age groups. Their approach to the genre has been one that many bands have not been able to match or recreate.

It is exciting to see GreenSky take their genre to new levels. Their recent show at Red Rocks showed that they can play bigger venues and still have a massive sound. This is an eye-opener for many music lovers who once thought Bluegrass was just for small county fairs and barnyard get-togethers. With the success of GreenSky due to their amazing lyrics and sounds since their formation in 2000, it is easy to see why fans keep coming back to these talented musicians.

There are some Bluegrass purists who do not agree with the way GreenSky interpret the genre. However, this band continues to push forward with their version of Bluegrass that has helped them to become the success they are today. Their mix of acoustic stomp and rock & roll is what has given them a newer sound. While some purists may not like this mixture, there sure are a lot of fans who have come to enjoy this sound. Their nine albums have had a great deal of success in the genre despite charting on any pop charts. This shows that a band with this level of skill does not need major radio play to continue progressing.

It will be exciting to see what the next few years have in store for GreenSky. This band will continue to bring their entertaining mix of Bluegrass to the masses. Time will only tell how many more incredible albums this great band will end up producing.

Chainsmokers Arrival as One of the Greatest Dance Artist/DJ Groups in Pop Culture History

Chainsmokers consist of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. In April 2018, at the Pop music Awards, Drew Taggart won the award for songwriter of the year from Ascap. During his speech, they give a shout out to a number of songwriters who also won the award. Drew Taggart’s focus to write the next hit always puts him a panic mode, “he says jokingly”. He acknowledged one of his songwriting partners Emily Warren. Emily Warren helped in writing numerous Chainsmokers songs.

The Chainsmokers became the first dance artist/ DJ group to top the Billboard top 100’s list. By March 2018, their video for the single “ Sick Boy” had reached over 100 million views. They will perform at the Pepsi Generations Summer Campaign in Los Angeles, July 24th. To create an epic performance they will seek to blend their Edm-style, and perform some of the greatest artist songs ever. This list is said to include Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, and Beyonce.

They admit they are nervous about performing songs done by some of the greatest artists ever and they consider it a challenge. They will also perform many of their own hit songs that their fans have grown to love. Songs they will perform from their hit catalog include “ Roses”, Don’t Let Me Down”, and Closer”.

They will perform “Thriller”, by Michael Jackson. They perform the song every year at Halloween so that should not be an issue.

In 2014, their single “Selfie” went top 20 in several countries. The Chainsmokers single “Roses off their debut album Bouquet, released in 2015 hit the US Billboards 100. THe won a Grammy Award, at the 59th Grammys for another single “Don’t Let Me Down” also off that 2015 album Bouquet. Their other achievements include two American Music Awards and five IHeartRadio Music Awards.

The duo was formed after another member DJ Rhett Bixler left the group consisting of Alex Pall and himself. Around the time Drew Taggart met Alex Pall, he was interning at Interscope Records. Taggart was informed there was a spot open to joining the group by someone who knew the manager of Alex Paul. Taggart then left Maine and went to New York City to team up with Alex Paul; the rest is history. Asked about how the groups’ name came about during an interview on ABC’S Nightline, Paul said:“ he enjoyed smoking weed and so the choice was open”.