Brian Torchin’s Impact In The Medical Field

Brian Torchin is a renowned entrepreneur who did his Chiropractic practice and developed Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing services whose sole purpose is to provide medical staffing and professional consultations. He has a degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and has studied at the New York Chiropractic College. This pool of knowledge motivated him to open a Chiropractic Practice in his area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The idea of opening up an HCRC staffing came when he noticed that it was tough to find employees who fit within the office staff. The HCRC Company has grown fast. It provides services that allow graduates to get employment within the health care sector and offers a guarantee in professionalism and reliability in their facilities. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

One of the main achievements in Brian Torchin’s HCRC staffing is that it has ensured cooperation with clients to facilitate career counselling and the integration of services in clinics and hospitals that have led to the reduction in the cost of patient care. HCRC is located in different states and practices Chiropractic services and has several offices with professional assistants and registered nurses.

Brian is active in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where he posts and shares pieces of information about his insight into the medical and related fields. He is concerned by the fact that social media is an essential tool in the recruitment of staff, yet most employers do not use them. Besides using social media as a medium of relaying important lessons, Brian Torchin consults people and companies on how to increase their visibility through social media. HCRC staffing has a mission to establish long-lasting relationships with their customers by providing the best services in healthcare build on respect and trust to ensure the delivery of the best results.

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Meet Sergey Petrossov: A Successful Entrepreneur Who Couldn’t Accept Anything Less than Success

Sergey Petrossov derived his inspiration to start JetSmarter from his personal experience flying on a private jet in 2009. The process of booking was hectic and he saw an opportunity to make a career out of bridging the gap. He serves as the CEO of JetSmarter, a company that help travelers to book trips using its mobile app. He has been recognized with Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology as well as Top Working Professional by the Sun.


Previously, Sergey Petrossov co-founded two high profile IT projects: a distance-learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions and an online chat system for website customer service. He was a board advisor at a South Florida-based private jet operator.


Sergey Petrossov flew on a private jet for the first time in 2009 and during that time, he identified challenges with the manual approach to booking charter flights. He felt that technology was the solution to streamline the booking process. He put together a development team and capital to develop a mobile app that could connect travelers with leading private jet operators. The JetSmarter app was officially launched to the public in 2013.


JetSmarter leverages highly skilled management, technology, as well as advisory teams with extensive combined experience to achieve its goals. The unwavering efforts of the team in conjunction with Sergey Petrossov’s visionary leadership resulted in the successful launch of the JetSmarter app. Today, JetSmarter has over 14,000 paid members who are paying up to $15,000 a year for its unparalleled services. The company which boasts as the Uber for private jets has attracted prominent investors including Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family. It is valued at $1.5 billion today.


Born in Russia, Sergey Petrossov moved to the US at a young age and despite the challenges faced in his 20s, he leveraged his drive and passion for what he did to get back up after being knocked down.


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Rebel Wilson is Brilliant in Isn’t It Romantic

Rebel Wilson comes from the land down under. Her creative spark and raw talents have created a buzz around her career, and more recently her film, Isn’t It Romantic. The actress has made a name for herself globally, and no one works harder in her craft than Rebel Wilson. She is as smart as she is funny and her way with people is beyond impressive.

It doesn’t take long for a viewer to admire Rebel in her craft, and one can definitely tell that Ms. Wilson has all the confidence in the world both on and off screen: she gets into this intense zone when she is performing, as all of the greats do. Yes, the actress may be bold and confident in today’s day and age, but it hasn’t always been that way for the actress.

As a little girl, Rebel Wilson remembers being on the shy side. Born on March 2, 1980, in Sydney, Australia, Wilson was raised by a loving family. Her parents were professional beagle breeders and never discouraged Wilson to chase her dreams in life.

In fact, few things make Rebel sadder than when she sees a person unable to chase their dreams as a result of life events getting in the way of things. Rebel needed to follow her call. She is a creative gem, after all.

Rebel Wilson remembers a time in high school that shifted her confidence and gave way to a future career in acting. While attending an all-girls high school in her native Australia, Rebel remembers her drama teacher encouraging her to pursue competitions that showcased talents in improv and performance. Rebel took these words to heart. The rest is history.

After having initial success as an actress in Australia, Rebel moved to the United States in 2010 at the age of 30. It didn’t take long for the comedic genius to land a role in a big Hollywood production.

Staring alongside Kristen Wiig, Wilson was a hit amongst viewers of 2011’s Bridesmaids. Her career and role only grew larger in Hollywood as she garnered more and more attention, playing Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise and appearing in other big name Hollywood films over the years.

Her latest film is set to hit theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day in the United States. Isn’t It Romantic puts a change to the traditional romantic comedy genre.

Wilson plays Natalie, an architect from Australia now living in New York City. Natalie is a bit close minded when it comes to love, especially those found in romantic comedies. She deems them fictional. Along the way, she gets knocked out and wakes up to find her world is a romantic comedy. Will she get out?

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Ryan Seacrest Contributions to the Entertainment Industry

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most versatile entertainers of all time. He has been in major TV shows, the best radio shows, and currently one of the best fashion designers. On top of being a versatile entertainer and a content creator, he is one of the few professional entertainers and content creators that have been able to package content for mass consumption, and according to pundits, this is one of his greatest achievement in the entertainment industry.

For example, his show ‘On Air’ is one of the best radio shows in the USA with a huge following and according to him, the show challenges him to be consistent both as a brand and in content creation. In all these achievements, Ryan Seacrest points out that working hard is irreplaceable. In one of his 2018 interviews, he pointed out that he has maintained a one-morning routine for years and this consistency has helped him in managing his time.

During these morning hours, he ensures that he has worked out and read different pieces for updates. In addition, he has one of the stickiest people in his approach to productivity. Regardless of his schedule for the day, planning for meetings and business commitments is an important part of his productivity. Apart from his active life in radio and TV, Ryan Seacrest is one of the most gifted producers of our time. As a producer, he has worked as an independent producer and for E! Live. His production philosophy is brilliant, and every collection of work must be consumer oriented.

In addition to the busy life in the showbiz, he is passionate about the modern families and especially families that have ailing members. Through Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he has been able to contribute to these families’ healing process. The foundation has different projects, and each project is according to the absolute need of the localities. The foundation is however synonymous with providing entertainment services to families.

After extensive research, Ryan Seacrest realized that in the mainstream health sector, the family’s members of people going through treatment are neglected. Installing entertainment points in the facilities is one way of showing them love and support.

Adam Milstein- A promoter of Israeliness

Adam Milstein is the founder of the largest pro-Jewish organization in the United States known as the Israeli-American Council. This organization has been in existence since 20007 and has helped promote the welfare of the Jewish Americans community. The main goal of this organization is to foster unity among the Jews and also to unite them with the Americans. Jews and Americans have for a long time been partners on many international issues. Milstein hopes they can leverage on this friendship and help preserve the identity of the Jews, which seems to be under constant threats from the radicals. This organization is also interested in creating a strong generation of Jewish leaders who will be ready to stand up and defend the community at all times.

Adam Milstein has played the roles of a community leader, an activist, a businessman and a philanthropist very well. He has been using the proceeds from the business side to work on promoting other activities that he is currently engaged in. He has managed to bring together the Jewish Americans community because of the passion he has for the unity of the Jews. He believes that Jews should be given the same opportunities just like other communities. The major threat facing the community is anti-Semitism, which seems to efforts towards eliminating all Jews from the face of the earth.

Adam Milstein has also created a family foundation to engage in philanthropic causes. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is one of the most accomplished Jewish philanthropic organizations. They have been engaging in causes that support the education of the young Jews living in the United States. Faced by the challenge of seeing very many Jewish Americans who understand very little about their identity, Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila opted to make a move that would bring a change.

Adam Milstein has so far worked with over 100 pro-Israeli organization with the aim of supporting causes that promote the welfare of the community. He believes that if the Jews stand together and fight oppression that comes from supporters of anti-Semitism, they will surely win the war. Adam Milstein is optimistic that the steps he is taking to promote Israeliness will see a new generation of courageous and innovative Jewish leaders come out.

Robert Deignan Suggests Working With New Technology

Robert Deignan has noticed that workers’ anxiety over automation has been increasing significantly as the technology behind it has gotten more advanced. There are advances that go along with several concerns in a variety of different industries in the United States and the world. There is no way that anyone can predict exactly what is going to happen in the future when it comes to automation, but a lot of people are trying to make their best guesses.

One of the main concerns that Robert Deignan sees bothering a lot of people is that it will leave thousands of people without jobs and unable to support themselves. There are ways to combat this fear and guarantee that you will not be left without a job as automation continues to advance. It’s important to make yourself an indispensable part of your company in your position and positions that are above what you are currently doing. If there is no way that a machine or computer program could reasonably replace everything that you have to offer a company, the less likely you are to get laid off.

Even if automation does start to take more jobs, Robert Deignan does not believe that the process will be as fast as some people fear it will be. In 120 years, it will be about 50/50 on whether or not machines will be able to replace all of the jobs that humans can do. While these statistics may still be rather scary, Robert Deignan does not see it happening that way in reality. Instead of trying to fight against all of the new technology that will impact the workplace, he suggests that people be prepared to work with it instead.

One of the big things that Robert Deignan sees limiting automation in the workplace is because there are only a few things that each machine or computer is capable of doing. Humans are just better at multi-tasking than machines and human contact is just something that can’t be replaced. Some major changes are just on the horizon and the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services suggests being prepared.

Wes Edens Founded Fortress Investment Group In New York

Over the past two decades, Wes Edens has given everything he has to the investment company Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment is a leading asset management and investment firm in New York that Wes co-founded back in 1998 along with two other financial experts. Thanks to his leadership and the dedication of its founders, Fortress Investment Group managed to grow to an impressive net worth of more than 3 billion dollars. In 2017, SoftBank Group purchased Fortress Investment for even more than this at 3.3 billion dollars. According to Wes Edens, technology has been one of the biggest ways he has been able to grow the company and cut down on costs all across the board. Fortress Investment was able to truly take off as an alternative investment company when Wes and the other executives pushed to turn the company from a private to a public organization. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

Wes Edens has worked at some major financial institutions throughout his career, including BlackRock Financial Management and Lehman Brothers. These positions enabled Wes to improve his own expertise, leadership capabilities, and his funds in order to start out his own firm. When Wes and his business partners started Fortress Investment Group, it took everything they had to pool a few hundred million dollars. Now, Wes and the other founders of Fortress Investment have all become billionaires with net worths at or above two billion as of 2018.

With more than 30 years of experience behind him since he started off his career, Wes Edens has become a prominent figure in the US financial market as a business owner and wealthy investor. Since 2014, Wes has been building his image on the sports front with part ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. This 500 million dollar investment wasn’t for prestige, however, since Wes is an avid sports fan and has loved watching in his leisure time. Now, Wes finally gets to be apart of his favorite past-time to make an impact on the sports industry.

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Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm: An Enigmatic Tech Brahmin Speaks His Mind

While he may not be a household name as yet, Shervin Pishevar has made serious waves in tech communities across the globe in recent years with his brash investing style and novel approach to bringing truly stellar companies to public notice. If you’ve ever used services from companies such as Uber or Airbnb, you likely have Pishevar to thank; with his Sherpa Capital investment firm, Pishevar helped launch “gig economy” firms such as Uber and Airbnb into the mainstream, and Silicon Valley has not looked back since.

With a fan base that includes both investment professionals and tech diehards, Shervin Pishevar’s social media following has a tendency to hang on to the investor’s every word; indeed, a recent 21-hour tweet storm from Pishevar’s Twitter account quickly became a must-read for Pishevar’s critics and supporters alike. Predicting that the US market would suffer a landslide drop of over 6000 points in the near future, Pishevar’s Twitter tirade wasn’t always rosy in its prognostications, but the Silicon Valley stalwart’s conjecture that Bitcoin would rise from the ashes and regain its peak value in the near future was welcome news to many tech investors who see crypto-currency speculation as the wave of the future.

Shervin Pishevar’s brazen investing style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even Pishevar’s critics admit that the former CEO still has what it takes to pick winners in a turbulent and often unforgiving tech market. Of one thing we can be certain, however, and that is the ability of Shervin Pishevar to boldly go into market territories that no tech investor has gone before. For Pishevar’s fans, that is reason enough to keep watch for another tweet storm and a glimpse into an investment brahmin’s mindset.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Comments On The Current State Of The Company

The new CEO of Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie and he believes that the company needs to do more for its customers. After declining in sales for some time, the pizza brand has seen improvement in its revenue and are excited for what the future holds. The CEO mentioned in a conference call that the company is making progress and that they are improving, but that the brand could implement more changes. Steve Ritchie has become the new CEO of Papa John’s and has implemented some changes to bring business. The company has checked up on employees to see how they are doing and to make sure that they are providing great service too. People have been more positive and encouraged by Papa John’s as they launched a campaign called “Voices” back in September. Both the company and the CEO are pleased with the changes that they have made.

As per Biz Journals, the pizza brand was hit with some adversity as their revenue for the third quarter was way below expectations from analysts and the brand expectations itself. The company’s revenue was way down from last year, losing millions of dollars as earnings for shares were also down equally. Store sales across the world also decreased in the US and abroad to prove the data accurate. Papa John’s, as a result, opened new stores to battle it and have made changes in the high up positions to create a good culture and solid foundation. The company understands that they need good team members and people in power to succeed. They acknowledge that without that, their business would be nothing. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns believes that the changes that the company has made at the executive positions have also helped in the long run. According to the article, Mike Nettles is now the executive vice president and the brand has opened more roles. There is a lot of growth for Papa John’s and more potential with Steve Ritchie as the CEO.

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Jason Hope Believes That Biotechnology Might Just Be The Future Of Health Care

It is no secret that as we get older, the potential for encountering health problems or life-altering diseases increases. Many of these health issues are minor, but some of them can threaten people’s lives or can change them in a huge way. Jason Hope has been looking into the nature of these kinds of age-related diseases, and he has also been seeking non profit organizations that he can support who are helping to fight against them.

For most of human history, age-related diseases have been something that we must accept. They seem to be a natural part of the course of everyday life and everyone ends up dealing with them no matter how healthy they are. When we get old, our bones weaken, we get wrinkles, some people get arthritis, our skin changes, and our brain doesn’t work quite as well as it used to. Cancer is more common among the aging population and so are conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. This is why Jason Hope is glad that he has found an organization that is truly just trying to help. Read more about Jason Hope at Inspirery

That organization is the SENS Foundation, and the non profit is headed up by its chief science officer, Aubrey de Grey. Jason Hope has been following de Grey’s work for many years and is optimistic it. He believes that the team at the SENS Foundation has found a possible way to slow down or reverse the process of aging, and he donated $500,000 to help the foundation with its cause. Hope has been a philanthropist for many years and has also donated his time and money to many local charitable organizations and causes.

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur, and he uses his talents to help others. His strong tech background and interest in biotechnologies and medicine has inspired him to work with people that want to move the human race forward. He believes that we live in a new age and that a new age deserves a new approach to the way that it seeks to treat disease. He has donated so much to the SENS Foundation because he feels that the organization’s approach to medicine is the way of the future.