Agera Financial

Agera energy started its operations in 2014. The company is located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. It is one of the retail energy suppliers in the United States targeting to simplify energy buying. The company supplies businesses and residential homes with electric power and natural gas for working, heating, cleaning, cooking, and entertainment use. The company supplies high amounts of energy for commercial use. It also provides practical solutions and utility invoice audits.

The company offers 100% pure renewable energy plan from the natural wind. The program helps American businesses to be environmentally sustainable and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Agera Energy Cambridge

From July 2017, Cambridge dwellers and businesses had access to clean electricity. This was after the Cambridge Community Electricity program was launched. The primary purpose of the plan was to negotiate a lower price of electricity charges by purchasing power in bulk. Agera Energy had signed an 18-month contract with the city of Cambridge. Cambridge businesses and residents started with their August utility bills to receive power supply from the company. Cambridge Community Electricity program saw a 25% increase in solar energy which was higher than the minimum energy of the state. Additionally, it reduced the cost of electricity in the City.

The power company started the supply from July 2017 until early January 2019 when the fixed contract ended.

Agera Energy Locations

The company offers its services in many states. However, only the following areas receive all services of electricity supply, natural gas supply, and efficiency supplies: California, Illinois, Ohio, Mary land, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.


Power Smart with Agera Energy

Agera Energy sets itself apart from all other energy companies in a variety of ways. While the old way of doing energy business fell by the wayside, Agera decided that the time was right for them to entrench themselves in a better way of doing energy business. For Agera, this involved moving from a money-driven mindset to a customer-driven mindset. Their goal is to set up their customers, big and small, with the best energy products to suit their needs.

Another thing that Agera wanted to do differently is caring about the environment. Not just for their customers, but for themselves, their employees, their communities, and the future generation. Providing their customers with environmentally-friendly options, Agera seeks to not just offer basic energy solutions, but build lasting partnerships that benefit the environment too. One of these options is Agera’s Pure Wind program, which offers the renewable energy of wind farms. Another is Agera’s LED incentive program for customers which, depending on state, can take advantage of rebates when making the switch to energy-efficient LED installation.

Agera promotes a work culture that also values the environment, enacting a rigorous recycling program in-house as well as becoming Westchester Green Business certified, a prestigious environmentally-friendly certification. Agera wants to promote and practice both earth-friendly and people-friendly business that benefits both customer and employee alike.

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Stream Energy’s Philanthropic arm

Stream Energy is a worldwide renowned energy company based in Texas and Dallas Cities in the United States. The company deals with multi-level marketing of energy and provides wireless, protective and home services. This company was founded in the year 2004 with two entrepreneurs Mr. Pierre Koshkaji and Rob Snyder. It also has its offices in Oakland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, and Washington DC. The company sells electric services and gas in the named states, but the other services are available to all citizens across the country. The company also serves at international levels by providing home services and protective services. This has given the company a good name and thus becoming one of the largest energy companies in the world.

Being the largest company in Dallas and Texas, Stream energy has always desired to help the community in Texas. It has therefore established an independent arm which deals with charity activities. The new division is known as the Stream Cares Foundation. This new arm of Stream Energy is responsible for Charity programmes which the company will render to the community. This arm was launched in 2016, and since then it has undertaken many philanthropic activities.

Stream Energy was the only company which offered a hand of support to the affected families during the Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The company provided financial support to uplift and helped the affected ones restore their livelihood status. During the Texas tornado, Stream Energy under its foundation financially helped the Texas residents. Another remarkable activity is when the homelessness crisis hit the Dallas state. The company came in and offered clothing and necessary items to the vulnerable and needy children in the country.

Stream Cares Foundation in conjunction with other corporates also has an elaborate program for the offers support to the military families. The most common application is the American Girl Doll Experience which is like a competition like a program for daughters of American Soldiers. This program aims at financially supporting the families of the American Military personnel.

This philanthropic arm has given Stream Energy a good reputation.