Getting To Know Edwin Miranda: CEO & Founder KOI IXS

The present promoting innovation and information can assist in growing sales at each business channel level. Regardless of whether it is interest, consideration, evaluation, intent or purchase, a suitable marketing organization that is benefitting as much as possible from the apparatuses accessible can benefit from the different business levels. Probably your promoting group, agency or department isn’t working to that great level; it may be an ideal opportunity to carry out a cost-benefit analysis – Edwin Miranda. When you’ve wrapped up, think about the best. With that being said, the best execution driven advertising organization in Puerto Rico is KOI IXS.

The KOI IXS site is chalk brimming with instances of the organization’s prosperity with their customers. The focal point of this is the man behind the organization, Edwin Miranda. The company is founded on the idea Miranda had at only the age of 21 years whereby the organization has prospered under his guidance from that point forward. Established on the union between new school marketing innovation and old school promotion wisdom, KOI is the instinctive advertising organization that is so frantically required in the business sector.

For a look at the wellspring of Edwin Miranda’s promoting thoughts, one needs to read his most loved book, “Predictive Marketing”. Miranda depicts the book as the one that changes your viewpoint and enhances your present learning. While pointing out to yesteryear’s marketing paradigms, Miranda stated that “as usual, the advertising is over.”

He emphasizes that while some people think the paradigms are changing, the paradigms are a thing of the past. Edwin Miranda believes the world is experiencing something new in matters of interacting with technology and when purchasing and handling ads. His book offers a plan to explore the progress from inventive to information-driven promoting, from one-measure fits-all into one-on-one, and from showcasing efforts to actual experiences with customers.

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Brian Torchin’s Impact In The Medical Field

Brian Torchin is a renowned entrepreneur who did his Chiropractic practice and developed Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing services whose sole purpose is to provide medical staffing and professional consultations. He has a degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and has studied at the New York Chiropractic College. This pool of knowledge motivated him to open a Chiropractic Practice in his area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The idea of opening up an HCRC staffing came when he noticed that it was tough to find employees who fit within the office staff. The HCRC Company has grown fast. It provides services that allow graduates to get employment within the health care sector and offers a guarantee in professionalism and reliability in their facilities. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

One of the main achievements in Brian Torchin’s HCRC staffing is that it has ensured cooperation with clients to facilitate career counselling and the integration of services in clinics and hospitals that have led to the reduction in the cost of patient care. HCRC is located in different states and practices Chiropractic services and has several offices with professional assistants and registered nurses.

Brian is active in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where he posts and shares pieces of information about his insight into the medical and related fields. He is concerned by the fact that social media is an essential tool in the recruitment of staff, yet most employers do not use them. Besides using social media as a medium of relaying important lessons, Brian Torchin consults people and companies on how to increase their visibility through social media. HCRC staffing has a mission to establish long-lasting relationships with their customers by providing the best services in healthcare build on respect and trust to ensure the delivery of the best results.

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Agera Financial

Agera energy started its operations in 2014. The company is located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. It is one of the retail energy suppliers in the United States targeting to simplify energy buying. The company supplies businesses and residential homes with electric power and natural gas for working, heating, cleaning, cooking, and entertainment use. The company supplies high amounts of energy for commercial use. It also provides practical solutions and utility invoice audits.

The company offers 100% pure renewable energy plan from the natural wind. The program helps American businesses to be environmentally sustainable and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Agera Energy Cambridge

From July 2017, Cambridge dwellers and businesses had access to clean electricity. This was after the Cambridge Community Electricity program was launched. The primary purpose of the plan was to negotiate a lower price of electricity charges by purchasing power in bulk. Agera Energy had signed an 18-month contract with the city of Cambridge. Cambridge businesses and residents started with their August utility bills to receive power supply from the company. Cambridge Community Electricity program saw a 25% increase in solar energy which was higher than the minimum energy of the state. Additionally, it reduced the cost of electricity in the City.

The power company started the supply from July 2017 until early January 2019 when the fixed contract ended.

Agera Energy Locations

The company offers its services in many states. However, only the following areas receive all services of electricity supply, natural gas supply, and efficiency supplies: California, Illinois, Ohio, Mary land, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.


Edwin Miranda’s Insightful Tactics In The Marketing Industry

Edwin Miranda holds the CEO position of a lucrative marketing agency known as KOI IXS. He is also the founder of KOI. The agency’s fundamental policy and approach is performance marketing. The organization helps international brands attain new clients, create a consequential customer arrangement, and acquire a vast market share. Edwin believes in incorporating new trends in his business to adequately satisfy the clients.

Edwin Miranda realized that in digital marketing, one trend with more potential than even mobile or social media is programmatic advertising. The technology has gained popularity within a brief period. More than 50% of marketers have adopted programmatic advertising in their business. Before the emergence of programmatic advertising, marketers would only display one text or advert to all potential customers. However, the new trend enables marketers to send personalized messages to every customer. The technology analyzes the behavior of all the prospective clients who visit the website and sends them different adverts. The adverts are based on the customers’ preferences and needs.

The programmatic technologies are advancing according to Edwin Miranda. Businesses using programmatic advertising would soon be able to display adverts on mobile devices. The trend has the capacity to dominate the digital marketing world. Marketers are focusing on learning and understanding the technology because soon the traditional methods will be faced out. Edwin Miranda embraces new trends to always remain relevant in the marketing industry.

Edwin Miranda works with a group of inventors, designers, strategists and thinkers as his team. He uses the combined talents to produce extraordinary ideas and results. The agency’s primary goal is to satisfy the clients. Edwin established KOI IXS when he was only 21 years old. Mr. Miranda’s passion is the essential ingredient of his successful business.

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“Paul Saunders is an Executive at James River Capital, and He Offers Some Insight on Leadership and Burnouts “

At times, work might be stressful. It may interfere with your personal life, and you may also suffer from a burnout. You must pay close attention to the warning signs and take the necessary measures that will help you to get rid of the burnout. To make the necessary changes in your life, you must be positive and motivated, and you will be able to get back on track eventually. In this context, you will learn more about the best ways to help your employees in case they are suffering from a burnout.


There is Lack of Control


Whenever a person loses control over areas such as time management and scheduling, they will feel helpless and hopeless. They will try to make up for their imperfections, and the end result will be a burnout. To solve such an issue, ensure that the employees do not have inflexible policies and structures since they may make them feel like they have been confined. Employees should take some time to come up with a proper schedule in the morning before embarking on their duties. That way, they can work flexibly.


There is Lack of Transparency


At the workplace, there are various factors that contribute to the negative feelings that the employees experience and they are as follows; feeling the there is too much scrutiny whenever a promotion is being offered, feeling that they are not being compensated well for the work for the work that their efforts at the workplace, and also assuming that the upper management is neglecting them. As a leader within a company, it is good to exercise honesty when dealing with employees at the workplace whenever you are communicating any news. You must also give a reasonable explanation for any occurrence. Workshops may also come in handy since they may help to ease the burnout amongst the employees at the workplace.


The Employees Attitude May Change


Whenever an employee feels stressed, they may be unable to control their emotions. They may get angry and upset at any given moment. Additionally, they may also be moody and negative. Lack of motivation may also come about because of their change in attitude. Always address your employees accordingly while also offering them some form of support. Advice your employees to engage in various hobbies once in a while. They may also avoid engaging in office duties outside the workplace. Learn more:


There Might Be Lack of Confidence


When an employee is suffering from a burnout, they may lack confidence in the quality of work that they are delivering. Always check on your employees once in a while and try to come up with a strategy that will help them to regain their confidence. Also, help them to come up with a few reasonable goals that will help them to be motivated when handling various duties.


James River Capital was founded by Paul Saunders. Apart from handling such duties, Paul Saunders also serves as the CEO of the James River Capital.


Richard Lui

The Founder of is Richard Qiangdong Liu, the company was formerly known as Jingdong and 360buy Ltd. Since 2004, Richard has been the Chairman and also the Chief Executive Officer.

Liu began Jingdong in Beijing, in June of 1998 as a storefront engaging in distributing products of magneto-optical. The company grew so fast in the early years, with 12 chain stores up and running across Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang by the year 2003. This company was so successful, they were earning annually $9 million USD in revenue. Seeing that the e-commerce business was having a booming effect, Lui kicked off with an online business replica of the store front in January 2004.

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Robert Deignan Suggests Working With New Technology

Robert Deignan has noticed that workers’ anxiety over automation has been increasing significantly as the technology behind it has gotten more advanced. There are advances that go along with several concerns in a variety of different industries in the United States and the world. There is no way that anyone can predict exactly what is going to happen in the future when it comes to automation, but a lot of people are trying to make their best guesses.

One of the main concerns that Robert Deignan sees bothering a lot of people is that it will leave thousands of people without jobs and unable to support themselves. There are ways to combat this fear and guarantee that you will not be left without a job as automation continues to advance. It’s important to make yourself an indispensable part of your company in your position and positions that are above what you are currently doing. If there is no way that a machine or computer program could reasonably replace everything that you have to offer a company, the less likely you are to get laid off.

Even if automation does start to take more jobs, Robert Deignan does not believe that the process will be as fast as some people fear it will be. In 120 years, it will be about 50/50 on whether or not machines will be able to replace all of the jobs that humans can do. While these statistics may still be rather scary, Robert Deignan does not see it happening that way in reality. Instead of trying to fight against all of the new technology that will impact the workplace, he suggests that people be prepared to work with it instead.

One of the big things that Robert Deignan sees limiting automation in the workplace is because there are only a few things that each machine or computer is capable of doing. Humans are just better at multi-tasking than machines and human contact is just something that can’t be replaced. Some major changes are just on the horizon and the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services suggests being prepared.

Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm: An Enigmatic Tech Brahmin Speaks His Mind

While he may not be a household name as yet, Shervin Pishevar has made serious waves in tech communities across the globe in recent years with his brash investing style and novel approach to bringing truly stellar companies to public notice. If you’ve ever used services from companies such as Uber or Airbnb, you likely have Pishevar to thank; with his Sherpa Capital investment firm, Pishevar helped launch “gig economy” firms such as Uber and Airbnb into the mainstream, and Silicon Valley has not looked back since.

With a fan base that includes both investment professionals and tech diehards, Shervin Pishevar’s social media following has a tendency to hang on to the investor’s every word; indeed, a recent 21-hour tweet storm from Pishevar’s Twitter account quickly became a must-read for Pishevar’s critics and supporters alike. Predicting that the US market would suffer a landslide drop of over 6000 points in the near future, Pishevar’s Twitter tirade wasn’t always rosy in its prognostications, but the Silicon Valley stalwart’s conjecture that Bitcoin would rise from the ashes and regain its peak value in the near future was welcome news to many tech investors who see crypto-currency speculation as the wave of the future.

Shervin Pishevar’s brazen investing style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even Pishevar’s critics admit that the former CEO still has what it takes to pick winners in a turbulent and often unforgiving tech market. Of one thing we can be certain, however, and that is the ability of Shervin Pishevar to boldly go into market territories that no tech investor has gone before. For Pishevar’s fans, that is reason enough to keep watch for another tweet storm and a glimpse into an investment brahmin’s mindset.

Stream Energy’s Philanthropic arm

Stream Energy is a worldwide renowned energy company based in Texas and Dallas Cities in the United States. The company deals with multi-level marketing of energy and provides wireless, protective and home services. This company was founded in the year 2004 with two entrepreneurs Mr. Pierre Koshkaji and Rob Snyder. It also has its offices in Oakland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, and Washington DC. The company sells electric services and gas in the named states, but the other services are available to all citizens across the country. The company also serves at international levels by providing home services and protective services. This has given the company a good name and thus becoming one of the largest energy companies in the world.

Being the largest company in Dallas and Texas, Stream energy has always desired to help the community in Texas. It has therefore established an independent arm which deals with charity activities. The new division is known as the Stream Cares Foundation. This new arm of Stream Energy is responsible for Charity programmes which the company will render to the community. This arm was launched in 2016, and since then it has undertaken many philanthropic activities.

Stream Energy was the only company which offered a hand of support to the affected families during the Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The company provided financial support to uplift and helped the affected ones restore their livelihood status. During the Texas tornado, Stream Energy under its foundation financially helped the Texas residents. Another remarkable activity is when the homelessness crisis hit the Dallas state. The company came in and offered clothing and necessary items to the vulnerable and needy children in the country.

Stream Cares Foundation in conjunction with other corporates also has an elaborate program for the offers support to the military families. The most common application is the American Girl Doll Experience which is like a competition like a program for daughters of American Soldiers. This program aims at financially supporting the families of the American Military personnel.

This philanthropic arm has given Stream Energy a good reputation.

Alex Hern Discusses New Innovation Known As XR

Many people are familiar with the advent of virtual or augmented reality but now it seems Alex Hern is getting ready to introduce a new form of gaming to the mainstream public known as extended reality or XR for short. What’s interesting about this new form of gaming is the fact that you can be immersed in this virtual world to whatever degree you desire. Of course, this technology is typically designed mostly for gamers but, later on, scientists hope to be able to use this to help businesses in their future endeavors. This includes companies in the aerospace industry as well as health sciences and manufacturing. Of course, this new innovation, while intriguing, is certainly not without its obstacles and hiccups.

For one thing, this kind of technology is often extremely costly and expensive to develop. And even if Alex Hern is able to acquire the funding necessary to bring this project to fruition, there’s still the issue of the development process. If they’re not able to make the graphics of the virtual reality program indistinguishable from real life, it could inevitably lead to some really big problems down the road. But of course they are currently working on rectifying this situation to make the transition as seamless as possible. It seems there may also be one more impediment to making this new device a reality. The infrastructure of the web may hinder their overall progress.

However, T Mobile has already announced that they are currently working on developing 5G networks for the internet so we may be able to enter extended reality sooner than we thought. And of course this entire project is in good hands as it is being spearheaded by Alex Hern, an entrepreneur who has over 25 years of experience in the startup industry. As such, he is one of the most qualified people for this job and is very much looking forward to seeing how this kind of technology will improve the workplaces of companies nationwide. So we wish Alex Hern the best of luck in this new endeavor and hope he is successful.