Mike Nierenberg: A Triumphant Investments Manager

Investing starts with identifying where to invest. Making a decision based firm research will save you from making losses. Mike Nierenberg is a professional banker. He is the managing director of Fortress. He is also the chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Reuters. At global mortgages, he was the head and the managing director. In 2008 he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was responsible for sales and trading activities within the division. Before joining America Merrill Lynch, he worked at PJ Morgan where he was the head of global securitized products and a member of its investment bank branch management committee.

Currently, Mike Nierenberg is the Chief Executive Officer of new residential investments. In 2016 he was appointed as a chairman of the board. New residential investment is a company focused on managing finances related to real estate sector. They aim to drive returns to investments specifically on excess mortgage servicing rights, an association call rights, servicer advances, and non- agency residential mortgage securities. Their main objectives are to maximize the amount of revenue generated to their stakeholders through dividends. According to Mike Nierenberg, the company plans to achieve the goals by using their expertise in trading in assets that make stable cash flow. They also strategize on increasing returns by using economic tools to earn more interest. Mike is excited that all the company segments performed well.

The company had excellent results compared to other mortgage firms. Despite the government move to use its tools to raise the tax, mike Nierenberg is still optimistic and believes they will continue making a significant impact in the market. As they think the market will go well in 2019, they target to capture activities by taking advantage of market dislocations. The primary goal of the company is to protect its shareholders by making opportunist investments where appropriate. The company’s capital was spread exceptionally well with lots of capital being set in the fixed income sector. The company seeks to invest in sectors not listed in their company portfolio to earn more revenues for its shareholders. The company anticipates for more non-bank financial services that widely increase their opportunities. In short, they want 2019 to be an excellent year for the company and its shareholders.

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