Agera Energy Began Operation While Enduring A Harsh Winter

Agera Energy began operation in 2014. While enduring a harsh Winter, the company witnessed many customers and suppliers suffering without essential services. Agera realized immediately that this was an opportunity to do some serious business and provide a great deal of needed relief. It turned out to be the perfect time to launch a retail energy supply company.

Customers were in need of guidance and protection. These attributes were demanded from the new energy supplier. Other energy suppliers were not prepared to move in on a glaring consumer base. The organizations were not well funded and lacked the resources to step in and provide services. Some of these companies had to put their businesses up for sale or close altogether. Agera Energy, on the other hand, embraced the madness and developed methods to satisfy new clients. The opportunity was unique and refreshing.

Agera Energy entered the industry after acquiring a massive national energy retailer. The acquisition gave them the ability to serve its first customers. The company continued to secure substantial purchases and expand its reach. Agera trained and sent out a large direct sales team to represent the company’s services.

Traditional energy training and sales techniques were initially passed over as top officials steered its front line personnel towards serving energy customers. Trainees were guided through important details of the process, which ensured that they would execute the fazes properly. Every consideration was taken from the introduction to enrollment. With these techniques, Agera changed the game from the very start.

Agera Energy now boasts a 1.8 million contracted RCEs customer base. The huge customer number comes to 600,000 new contracted RCEs. The clients have trusted Agera Energy and supported the organization throughout the past three years. The company continues to demonstrate growth at a faster rate than any other private retail energy supplier. This success is possible because Agera puts its clients first. The organization believes in its products. Customers are treated with care and not force fed sales pitches.

Agera Energy is on a mission to simplify energy buying. It offers excellent energy solutions for its clients. The procedures are carefully implemented and supported to the highest level. Agera makes its customers the top priority. The customers are in turn able to focus on what’s important to them.

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