The Philanthropic Initiatives by Victoria Doramus

Gone are the days when the women in the community were being forced to remain in their houses while their husbands and fathers went out to look for money. There are many top executives who are holding prominent positions in the market. Being women doesn’t stop these personalities from enjoying their career lives and facing the hardships that come their way. Victoria Doramus can be described as a top marketing guru who has seen all the joys and hardships of being a career woman in the male dominated society. Victoria Doramus currently resides in New York City, and she has many titles under her belt. The marketing expert does not shy away from speaking about her accomplishments and failures in the tough market. Apart from being highly successful in the marketing world, the businesswoman has found a way of participating in the charity initiatives so that she can help those who are around her. Volunteering is a hard task that can only be done by people who are passionate about it.


Victoria Doramus was not always involved in giving back to society initiatives. This is a route she decided to embrace after recovery from drugs and alcohol. Victoria Doramus got involved in drug abuse just after she had ventured into a successful career life. Everything was running so well for her. There were many companies looking for her services, and they were all giving her a good compensation for the services she was giving. There are hardships that came with executive positions and this is why Victoria Doramus found her way to the abuse of drugs. Before she could realize it, the businesswoman was struggling to abandon the habit she had adopted in her past. It was very hard to find someone who could walk with her and ensure that she was in the safe side. With hard work and persistence, the businesswoman struggled, and in the process, she learned that helping those who are in need in a paramount objective that everyone should have. Victoria has joined many organizations where she supports both people and pets to live a better and happy life.

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