Nicolas Krafft Is A Critical Leader At Company That Prides Itself On Its Ethical Practices:

Nicolas Krafft is an entrepreneur and businessman who is most well known for the extensive work he has done as a part of the renowned L’Oreal personal care products company. The firm is well known globally for its lines of products that are used for purposes such as skin care, hair color, make-up and perfume among many other uses. Nicolas Krafft has previously served in the role of Deputy General Manager at L’Oreal’s operations within Eastern Europe. He has also formerly served as the Marketing Director for the Asian operations of the L’Oreal company. One of the most important values that Nicolas Krafft has cultivated during his many positions of leadership at L’Oreal is the idea of ethics in business. This is a value that is of the utmost importance within the company culture at L’Oreal.

The fact is that L’Oreal has a consistent approach that it applies toward the goal of operating an ethical business. A large part of this approach includes being very proactive in making sure that ethics are at the forefront of any decision made in regard to the overall operations of the business. L’Oreal has been able to consistently maintain an ethical business through adhering to the principles of respect and transparency along with the principles of courage joined with integrity. These principles are applied to the way that the company engages in innovation and also act as guiding principles in terms of striving to be a socially responsible company that has a great deal of respect for the environment.

L’Oreal is noted for being very transparent in its company views regarding the issue of human rights. This is one of the most significant factors that the company takes into consideration in regard to major decisions for the business. This commitment has been recognized numerous times over the many years that the business has been operating. Most recently, L’Oreal was named to the 2018 list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. This prestigious list is compiled annually by the Ethisphere Institute. Nicolas Krafft and the entire leadership team at L’Oreal are incredibly proud of the fact that the company has received this tremendous honor.

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