Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s Puts Things into Perspective

It shows emotional intelligence to own up a responsibility whenever it happens. However, it is also very wise to clear up the sky should you feel an obligation has been wrongly passed down to you. Papa John’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie has just apologized to their customer following an offensive report about the company, its operations, and leadership.

In response to the wave, that defamed the company, Steve Ritchie send an email to their customers expressing how deeply sorry he was that their customers had to be subject to ill-thought-out reviews of the company that did not reflect the true brand. Mr. Ritchie affirmatively stated that such language should not be tolerated. He made it clear that Papa John’s is a corporate entity and not an individual, actually a global pizza company with many stakeholders and franchise business operations.

Steve Ritchie explained that the company still remains committed to delivering quality products and better services to their clients. To eliminate any fears, that may have cropped up, he mentioned that an audit is to be done on the company to ascertain the actual financial state of Papa John’s. this will set a clear roadmap that shows strengths and weaknesses. This is to be done in a transparent manner. In the same vein, the executive will have to get hands-on with franchisee and employees to better understand issues around them and be in a position to respond to what may need attention. He is optimistic that Papa John’s will win their loyalty, confidence, and brand back and that it will be an honor to serve its customers all over the country.

About Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s. this is a pizza company based in the United States but supplies food products to many other restaurants and has subsidiary franchisee businesses that help them sell their products. He has been very instrumental in pushing the company forward, ensuring that it is sustainable, able to serve its customers satisfactorily and venture into other markets. He is very strategic in operations and has great prospects of the company.

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