MB2 Dental Comes Through After Hurricane

As of September 19, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions, a Dental Support Organization based in Texas, had raised more than $83,000 in donations toward their goal of $100,000 to help the MB2 Dental victims of Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm that hit Texas on August 25, 2017, and three separate times in six days. Harvey directly affected 25 of their affiliate offices and more than 200 of their employees.

MB2 Dental, along with its 87 affiliate offices, planned to continue collecting donations until they reached their goal, and the DSO had already begun the release of funds directly to employees who were victims of the hurricane.

Dr. Chris Villanueva, the CEO and founder of MB2 Dental, reported that they were able to act quickly after the Hurricane hit and served emergency patients along with patients from their affected offices. He was proud of their work family for what they did for the victims of the storm. The slow-moving storm caused two feet of rain to fall in the first 24 hours and, by September 1, one-third of Houston was underwater and flooding had forced 39,000 people out of their houses and into shelters.

Affiliate offices around the USA included offices in Louisiana, Alaska, New Mexico, and Tennessee that came together to raise donations and funds for the affected employees, patients, and communities affected. Food, water, clothing, bedding, and other supplies were delivered in September to Houston, Victoria, Beaumont, and coastal areas.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a partner to affiliated practice owners and dentists everywhere and provide services to help run their practices efficiently so that they can focus on giving exceptional patient care. As a dental practice development and management firm, MB2 Dental provides personalized systems and services, knowledge, and guidance to more than 70 independently owned and operated offices in Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alaska, and Oklahoma.

The affiliated offices maintain 100 percent clinical autonomy but have the help of the MB2 team to run every facet of the practices. MB2 Dental had its founding based on the principle that dentists working together are able to help each other in the accomplishment of streamlined management and goals more than would ever be possible if they were working individually.

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The Life Of a Sportsman: Edwin Miranda

When it comes to the market be it business, or in our case, sports, there is stiff competition with each organization or team needing the best members to achieve the best results for the overall appeal of the team and the gratification of the individual members. It, therefore, falls on each and every member of the team to always be the best and to understand the importance of their individual positions in the team. For, players, in sports, each member of the team has a unique role with ensures, if played well, the success of that team in matches and tournaments. This understanding combined with skills and discipline is what most sportsmen have built their careers on. These players or sportspeople include Edwin Miranda.

Edwin Miranda’s sports career started, like many other sportspersons, in school, and at a very young age. He started shining and achieved the honor of the Defender of The Year for the Big West Conference when he was playing for the California state Northridge college soccer team. When your star starts shining, doors begin opening. In 2004, Edwin Miranda was drafted by the Dallas Burn for in the 2004 MSL SuperDraft in the sixth round. From then, the defender has played for a number of teams in the United States and internationally.

He has played for the Puerto Rico Islanders in two different seasons. The first time, the islanders and Miranda parted ways due to monetary issues. This was after he had left the Dallas Burn and played for the Portland Timbers for two seasons. The second time was after the 2010 PDL playoffs when he played for the Hollywood United Hitmen. During his second time with the Islanders, Edwin Miranda played four regular seasons, the team won the USSF D-2 pro league championship, 2010. The team, 2008, also won the USL First Division Commissioners Cup.

The Guardian Magazine Reviews the Life of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick started his career at the age of 16 years when he left Glasgow high school. He worked at the Glasgow Evening Times for some time before joining the Glasgow Weekly Herald. At this time Glasgow Herald required more staff members thus Alastair Borthwick was promoted very fast. He wrote many articles about women and children; he compiles the crossword game for the newspaper he even answered the readers queries hence gaining more experience. The paper had an open-air page where people would write life experiences. Alastair Borthwick wrote about the hiking experience of the Scotland hills; Faber and Faber published his articles. He could visit the hills during weekends and lie under the rocks sharing experiences with other hikers. He made friends with many people who went to the hills to relieve stress; they believed that it was not possible to sweat and thin at the same time. Alastair Borthwick recorded this outdoor experience in a book “Always a Little Furtherˮ the book entailed memorable characters, tense action and related to the city life.

Alastair Joined the BBC radio broadcasting group after an interview by James Fergusson. He was given a fifteen- minute talk on the radio to explain his hiking experience. While broadcating he was very calm and talked naturally, his talent was discovered, and this marked the beginning of his broadcasting career. During his time at BBC, Borthwick shared most of the adventurous outdoor life.

When the Second World War struck, Alastair joined the 51st Highland Divisions 5th Seaforth Highlanders. He was a loyal soldier and followed given orders; thus he was promoted to the level of a captain. He spent most of the time as the intelligence officer. Alastair Borthwick at one time led about 600 men at night to attack the Germans near Venlo. Just before the war ended, Alastair was excused by Colonel John Sym to write about the battalion campaigning. Alastair wrote “Sans Peur.ˮ

Alastair Borthwick lived with his wife Anne at a small house in Jura for about seven years; they gave birth to Patrick. Alastair died at the age of 90.


Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s Puts Things into Perspective

It shows emotional intelligence to own up a responsibility whenever it happens. However, it is also very wise to clear up the sky should you feel an obligation has been wrongly passed down to you. Papa John’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie has just apologized to their customer following an offensive report about the company, its operations, and leadership.

In response to the wave, that defamed the company, Steve Ritchie send an email to their customers expressing how deeply sorry he was that their customers had to be subject to ill-thought-out reviews of the company that did not reflect the true brand. Mr. Ritchie affirmatively stated that such language should not be tolerated. He made it clear that Papa John’s is a corporate entity and not an individual, actually a global pizza company with many stakeholders and franchise business operations.

Steve Ritchie explained that the company still remains committed to delivering quality products and better services to their clients. To eliminate any fears, that may have cropped up, he mentioned that an audit is to be done on the company to ascertain the actual financial state of Papa John’s. this will set a clear roadmap that shows strengths and weaknesses. This is to be done in a transparent manner. In the same vein, the executive will have to get hands-on with franchisee and employees to better understand issues around them and be in a position to respond to what may need attention. He is optimistic that Papa John’s will win their loyalty, confidence, and brand back and that it will be an honor to serve its customers all over the country.

About Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s. this is a pizza company based in the United States but supplies food products to many other restaurants and has subsidiary franchisee businesses that help them sell their products. He has been very instrumental in pushing the company forward, ensuring that it is sustainable, able to serve its customers satisfactorily and venture into other markets. He is very strategic in operations and has great prospects of the company.

Fortress Investment Group Acquired By Softbank For $3.3 Billion

One of the most successful longest-serving financial institutions in the world is Softbank. For the past four decades, it has been on a continuous path of growth which has seen it record unprecedented success. Softbank is not done yet with its expansion measures. Recently, they made news after making a huge move towards the expansion of the business operations further.

The acquired Fortress Investment Group, one of the largest investment management firms in the world. With this acquisition, and the Japanese financial company has laid the foundation for another phase of growth which will see it become the largest investment firm in the world. The acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group cost $3.3 billion. However, even with the new acquisition, Fortress Investment Group will continue running its daily operations as it used to. From the agreement between Softbank and the Fortress Group, Softbank will in no way be involved in the management of the assets currently at the Fortress.

Then no-interference agreement between Fortress Group and Softbank is good news to both organizations. Fortress has in the past proved that they thrive when given the space to determine their path of growth. The ability to run on itself is one of the factors that Softbank considered before purchasing it in the first place. Softbank will, therefore, allow Fortress Investment Group to remain autonomous and pursue its independent goals and interests. The deal between these two is expected to bring huge returns, a factor that influenced Softbank into purchasing it in the first place.

While Softbank was founded in the early 1980s in Japan, Fortress Investment Group is a new company established at the beginning of this century. Its headquarters are based in New York City. Over the past two decades, Fortress Group has become one of the largest asset managers in the world under the leadership of CEO Randy Nardone and co-chair Wes Edens. They formed this organization in 1998, and over the past two decades, it has accumulated assets what tens of billions. Fortress Group is currently managing assets on behalf of more than 1,700 private investors as well as commercial clients.

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