Talkspace: A Mind and Soul Therapy

With the world and the environment being surrounded by different stressors from different sources, it is no unusual event that one would need therapy for his mental health – but then again, accessing therapy and medical help can sometimes be costly, which is why individuals who suffer from these illnesses sometimes get left untreated.

With the world’s available technology, Talkspace was invented. An online mobile therapy application that is available for a significantly cheaper price to be accessed and availed by individuals who can not afford to go to a lisenced therapist. Talkspace is backed and founded on the study of Doctor Irvin D. Yalom, a professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University and Dr. Andrew Sekel Ph. D., along with their other colleagues – have made Talkspace to be a safe space for individuals with mental health problems.

If you do not know who Michael Phelps is, then you are missing out on learning from a man of dedication, excellence and hardwork. To give you a clue on who he is- he is named and called the “Flying Fish” and “The Baltimore Bullet” – this is simply because he is the most gracious but deadly fast on his signature and forte event, the 100m Butterfly. Michael Phelps is the most prosperous Olympian and holds the all-time record for holding the most Olympic gold medals in individual events – this goes along with his 28 medals in his sport, swimming. He became most dominant in his time (which wasn’t really long ago) because of his strong mindset, willpower, well fortified work ethic and hardwork. Needless to say, he is a man to look up to, and he is a man to gain inspiration from. This is why he is the excellent man to represent Talkspace.

With all the fame and glory, life comes in balance. Dark days were bound to come for Michael and he was left with depression and anxiety that he could not handle alone. The mind can be a dark place to be, most especially when the lights of fame and glory dim out. It would seem like a strong man like Michael would be unshakeable but him asking for help is the bravest thing that the he has done and the is a tower of light for those people who are scared to ask for help. Michael has collaborated with Talkspace Online Therapy to share how asking for help and therapy has saved his life.

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