Factors that led to the Creation of the End Citizens United

The End Citizens United was founded in 2015 and has been in operation for three years. It took an active role in the 2016 elections and received the backing of leaders such as Elizabeth Warren and Hilary Clinton. The group is financed by donors and well-wishers who are keen on pushing for electoral reforms in the USA. The group is keen on pushing for pro-reforms candidates. During the 2016 senatorial race, the End Citizens United spent more than 4.4 million dollars to push for the election of both Cortez Masto and Maggie Hassan. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

The actions of the group have the benefit of fostering accountability and pressuring the lawmakers to take the necessary steps. Through the support of the grassroots citizens and politicians, the group has been able to attain much success. The goal of the End Citizens United is to eradicate huge finance donations in politics. It is through such changes that the group will see the election of finance reformers. The group can thus be defined to be on the leading front in fighting for the rights of electorates and fostering accountability in American politics.

The Mission of the End Citizens United

The purpose of the grass root organization is to reduce the influence that billionaires have on the electoral process. Unlike the setting where The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, regulated the financing of political activities, the Super Court ruling on Citizens United vs. F.EC reversed the requirements. The 2010 decision by the Supreme Court allowed billionaires and corporations to make unlimited contributions to political parties and politicians. However, the move led to the loss of accountability and regulation of political activities. The new setting implies that the billionaires and huge corporations can sway the election to their favor. Currently, billionaires have significant control over the policies that are made by the leaders they supported. It holds that the politicians are keen on meeting the needs of the billionaires as opposed to the electorate. It is this trend that the political group seeks to reverse and foster accountability in USA elections.

Check: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/



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