Rocketship Education Comes Out to Defend Itself against NPR Bloggers Allegations

The recent NPR coverage of Rocketship charter schools sparked a lot of emotions in social media and other various forums. In their response, Rocketship Education detailed how the report was unbalanced and far-fetched.

It is the responsibility of every school to protect its students. Managers, school heads and the school fraternity at large are obligated to put in place measures to ensure the students study in learning-friendly environment. However, according to Rocketship Education, implementation of policies and regulations cannot always be 100% efficient. There are three key questions that arise from the report and they are elaborated below.

  1. Classroom management

Classroom management

Setting of classroom rules as well as policies that regulates practices such as bathroom breaks is a standard measure to ensure the smooth running of a school. Rocketship Education put in place its rules and regulations as well as policies that govern their schools. It also possesses classroom and school culture that helps to manage the schools and classrooms. NPR’s blogger Anya Kamanetz misrepresented the facts as the policies and practices have resulted into impressive performance.

  1. Technology use

Technology use

Anya Kamanetz misrepresented facts by claiming that students are allowed to use technology for 80 minutes per program. Rocketship CEO elaborated that the 80 minutes runs through many programs. Most importantly, the schools use suitable technology for kids and therefore, focusing entirely on the amount of time spent in using technology is misguided.

  1. Intervention


Every school has its own way of allocating staff. Staff allocation vary with schools depending on school’s budget. While you may want to question about Rocketship Education’s way of handling matters related to teachers, you should keep in mind the fact that there are many factors that are considered to make sure there is a very high teaching efficiency.

Rocketship Education feels that the report is misleading as it unfairly paints a tainted picture on its brand. The report fell short of three fundamental areas; importance of breaks such as bathroom breaks, student performance and reasons some of students are changing schools.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter of schools with a network of schools spread out throughout the country including Bay Area, Milwaukee, Washington, DC and Nashville. Its students have posed impressive results as result of the schools’ efforts to offer parents a good choice of school for their kids. Rocketship Education’s leadership consists of Preston Smith as a CEO and co-founder.

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