Neurocore Changed Lives Through Neurotherapy

More and more people are getting diagnosed with disorders such as depression every day. Many of them are not sure what they can do to make the symptoms more tolerable and go on living with a high quality of life. Neurocore seeks to help patients like this by using years of neuroscience in order to treat the way the brain is functioning.

The earliest forms of neuroscience seem rather primitive compared to what we are capable of achieving today. While EEGs were first used to diagnose epilepsy in the beginning, neuroscientists at Neurocore continue to find new ways in which they can be implemented in both treatment and diagnosis. EEGs are used to discover different imbalances in the brain’s electrical activity that can be treated with neurotherapy. Once these problems have been diagnosed, EEGs are used to track the progress of the treatment being used.

With depression in particular, Neurocore has found certain patterns that are present in patients that present with symptoms of the disorder. In particular, they have found that there is an increase in the brain of Alpha waves. Through neurotherapy, Neurocore is able to help patients reduce this imbalance and find relief from their disorder.

Neurocore approaches mental health care in a completely different way than most other practitioners. Instead of giving their clients medication to change the chemical makeup of the brain, they use Neurotherapy to help them change the way their brain functions themselves. This is done through a complex treatment program that combines neuroscience and mental training to help their clients live their best lives possible.

After being in business for more than 14 years, Neurocore is still developing new and better ways to help patients. The human brain is still largely not understood, but with the knowledge that the neuroscience of Neurocore has, great strides have been taken in order to understand the processes. Each client is assessed for their needs using EEG and other diagnostic methods that have had their accuracy proven. With this information, Neurocore is able to come up with ways to help that are unlike any they have likely been exposed to.

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