Talos Energy shines in the WoodMackenzie’s annual exploration awards ceremony held in U.K

Talos Energy, the Houston-based exploration and Production Company was recently presented with the ‘Discovery of the Year award’ during the annual explorations awarding ceremony in London. Talos Energy won the award after discovering the Zama oil well in offshore Mexico in mid last year. The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators presented the prize to Talos Energy following the once-in-a-lifetime discovery.

Zama oil well was the first offshore exploration to be done successfully by a private company in Mexico. According to Talos Energy C.E.O, Zama oil discovery was a big win for the privately held company considering that private companies were licensed to explore and drill oil in Mexico a few years ago. Talos C.E.O and Chairman referred to Zama discovery as “both a historical and significant discovery by the firm.”

The newly discovered oil well is expected to produce between 1.4 and 2 billion barrels of crude oil. Talos Energy is the major player in the Zama oil well where it controls 35 percent of the project. Other companies with interests in the Zama oil well include Sierra Oil and Gas Company that holds 40 percent while Premier Oil Company holds 25 percent stake in the oil well.

The Zama oil well runs to a water depth of 165 meters. According to Talos Energy, Zama oil well is among the high-yield discoveries by the company that has had relatively low capital requirements. It is among the few discoveries where the company took a short period before commencing the first production.

Zama oil well beat other discoveries such as Hess, ExxonMobil and Nexen’s Ranger during the nominations where more than 200 top business leaders vote for the most extraordinary discovery. According to Timothy Duncan, winning the awards is a clear indication of the success of Energy reforms in Mexico. The new energy reforms have continued to attract more investors, creating more jobs, as well as generating revenue for the government.

Talos Energy has already entered into negotiations with Pemex, a company holding licenses for the neighboring oil block over the pre-unitization agreement. The agreement will set terms on how the two companies will evaluate the hydrocarbon reservoir and reach to a common field development plan.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Rise Through the Years

CBS college basketball analyst Jon Rothstein once described Yanni Hufnagel as “the college basketball version of the energizer bunny.” During his career as a coach and recruiter, Hufnagel left a tremendous impression on all whom he worked with.


Hufnagel began as a student manager at Cornell but officially committed to coaching while working as a graduate assistant under Jeff Capel at Oklahoma. During those two seasons, he also had the privilege of working with future NBA star Blake Griffin. Hufnagel describes working with Capel and Griffin and witnessing their work ethic as “a major key that turned the engine for me.”


Harvard coach Tommy Amaker initiated Hufnagel into his first position as a coach and recruiter. While at Harvard, he became a standout recruiter, prospering in developing relationships with student-athletes. Furthermore, he was notorious for acquiring talent from the West Coast, such as Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Matt Ryan was another top recruit whom Hufnagel pursued with dogged determination. Even though Ryan decided on Notre Dame, Hufnagel left a lasting impression on the young player. Ryan once explained that their first phone conversation took place while the coach checked out at the supermarket. He also described Hufnagel as a man that “basically sees the future.”


When an offer from Vanderbilt arrived, Hufnagel jumped at the opportunity to advance his career. After just one season there, he then accepted an offer to join coach Cuonzo Martin at the University of California, Berkeley. The opportunity was particularly appealing to Hufnagel because it placed him geographically closer to the abundance of prospects on the West Coast.


No matter his college affiliation, Yanni Hufnagel was always relentless and determined in his pursuit of improving the program he was with. He was devoted to basketball and passionate about his work on and behind the sidelines. Hufnagel described his approach to his career best when he said, “I think when you’re passionate about what you do and what you believe in, in a kid, a prospect, then it doesn’t really feel like work.”





How CEO Of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer Has Pledged To Find A Solution Pelvic Floor Disorders In Woemn

Marc Beer is the co-founder and the CEO of Renovia Inc., a biotech firm that focuses on treating pelvic floor disorders mostly urinary incontinence by developing diagnostic devices. Marc recently received a funding of $32 million and $10 million in venture debt which will be directed in researching and developing devices for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women.

Renovia Inc. Carries out its operations from Boston and recently launched their FDA approved device called Leva. Studies show that urinal incontinence affects close to 250 million women across the goal and Renovia Inc. Is committed to diagnosing and treating it with his advanced therapeutic devices.



A frequent investor of the biotech firm, Longwood Fund, is an investment company that focuses on health care and have been investing in Renovia since its inception. The funding as already mentioned will be used for research and development of devices that will counteract the effects of pelvic floor disorders.



Marc Beer expressed his excitement and happiness regarding the support of Longwood Fund and praised them by saying how both of them have the same vision of the future, which according to them would fill up the marketplace with their unique devices for the treatment of urinal incontinence in women.



With over two decades of experience in the development of biotech, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic devices, Marc has an extensive knowledge in these domains which has helped him devise unique strategies for speeding up the research and data collection work.



Before Renovia Inc., Marc has founded companies with a noble cause. One of them is ViaCell which specializes in preserving and extracting stem cells for research from the umbilical cord. The company grew at a very fast pace under the supervision of Marc Beer ViaCell was purchased by PerkinElmer in the year 2007.



During his tenure at ViaCell, he was simultaneously a Board Member of the pharmaceutical firm called Erytech Pharma. He managed time very well which allowed him to oversee work at more than one firm. Marc Beer held top management positions at Genzyme, and he spent most of his tenure at Genzyme as the Global Marketing head and was responsible for the product launches of three different products that were designed to tackle uncommon diseases across the world.



Prior to heading Genzyme, Marc was involved in the sales and marketing division of the diagnostic and pharmaceutical departments of Abbott Labs. His other achievements include being a former member of Mass Life Science Board and his tenure at Biotechnology Industry Organizations was also an enriching experience according to him. Apart from holding top positions in different firms, he manages to make time out of his busy schedule to actively being a part of local donations to charities and non-profit organizations that helped people around the vicinity. Learn more: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/18/08/r12237847/osf-ventures-invests-in-company-developing-solutions-for-pelvic-floor-


Rocketship Education Comes Out to Defend Itself against NPR Bloggers Allegations

The recent NPR coverage of Rocketship charter schools sparked a lot of emotions in social media and other various forums. In their response, Rocketship Education detailed how the report was unbalanced and far-fetched.

It is the responsibility of every school to protect its students. Managers, school heads and the school fraternity at large are obligated to put in place measures to ensure the students study in learning-friendly environment. However, according to Rocketship Education, implementation of policies and regulations cannot always be 100% efficient. There are three key questions that arise from the report and they are elaborated below.

  1. Classroom management

Classroom management

Setting of classroom rules as well as policies that regulates practices such as bathroom breaks is a standard measure to ensure the smooth running of a school. Rocketship Education put in place its rules and regulations as well as policies that govern their schools. It also possesses classroom and school culture that helps to manage the schools and classrooms. NPR’s blogger Anya Kamanetz misrepresented the facts as the policies and practices have resulted into impressive performance.

  1. Technology use

Technology use

Anya Kamanetz misrepresented facts by claiming that students are allowed to use technology for 80 minutes per program. Rocketship CEO elaborated that the 80 minutes runs through many programs. Most importantly, the schools use suitable technology for kids and therefore, focusing entirely on the amount of time spent in using technology is misguided.

  1. Intervention


Every school has its own way of allocating staff. Staff allocation vary with schools depending on school’s budget. While you may want to question about Rocketship Education’s way of handling matters related to teachers, you should keep in mind the fact that there are many factors that are considered to make sure there is a very high teaching efficiency.

Rocketship Education feels that the report is misleading as it unfairly paints a tainted picture on its brand. The report fell short of three fundamental areas; importance of breaks such as bathroom breaks, student performance and reasons some of students are changing schools.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter of schools with a network of schools spread out throughout the country including Bay Area, Milwaukee, Washington, DC and Nashville. Its students have posed impressive results as result of the schools’ efforts to offer parents a good choice of school for their kids. Rocketship Education’s leadership consists of Preston Smith as a CEO and co-founder.

Neurocore Changed Lives Through Neurotherapy

More and more people are getting diagnosed with disorders such as depression every day. Many of them are not sure what they can do to make the symptoms more tolerable and go on living with a high quality of life. Neurocore seeks to help patients like this by using years of neuroscience in order to treat the way the brain is functioning.

The earliest forms of neuroscience seem rather primitive compared to what we are capable of achieving today. While EEGs were first used to diagnose epilepsy in the beginning, neuroscientists at Neurocore continue to find new ways in which they can be implemented in both treatment and diagnosis. EEGs are used to discover different imbalances in the brain’s electrical activity that can be treated with neurotherapy. Once these problems have been diagnosed, EEGs are used to track the progress of the treatment being used.

With depression in particular, Neurocore has found certain patterns that are present in patients that present with symptoms of the disorder. In particular, they have found that there is an increase in the brain of Alpha waves. Through neurotherapy, Neurocore is able to help patients reduce this imbalance and find relief from their disorder.

Neurocore approaches mental health care in a completely different way than most other practitioners. Instead of giving their clients medication to change the chemical makeup of the brain, they use Neurotherapy to help them change the way their brain functions themselves. This is done through a complex treatment program that combines neuroscience and mental training to help their clients live their best lives possible.

After being in business for more than 14 years, Neurocore is still developing new and better ways to help patients. The human brain is still largely not understood, but with the knowledge that the neuroscience of Neurocore has, great strides have been taken in order to understand the processes. Each client is assessed for their needs using EEG and other diagnostic methods that have had their accuracy proven. With this information, Neurocore is able to come up with ways to help that are unlike any they have likely been exposed to.

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Alex Hern’s Business Ventures

Alex Hern remains one highly distinguished entrepreneur that ever lived in San Diego. Having been in business for over 25 years, he has accumulated lots of experience. Hern is very keen on spotting opportunities in launching small companies and later selling them later at a very nice profit later. Hern has an experience spanning over two and a half decades. Consequently, he has become a celebrated businessman in business circles. Alex Hern specializes in incubation of potential business ideas and watches them grow to huge enterprises. Alex Hern has been an integral part in the formation of companies like the Inktomi Goldman Sachs IPO. This is a company he founded with some other business friends in his circle.

Inktomi Goldman Sachs IPO is the brainchild behind the search engines used by bigwigs like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN too.Another highly reputed technology company founded by business Mogul Alex Hern is the Yesmail. This is an email marketing company taking the internet by a storm. It also has one of the largest web directories. Yesmail became available to the community a few years ago. CMGI saw it as an opportunity and acquired it for a whopping $650 million. ArcSight is also another brainchild belonging to Hern and has scaled the heights of co-operate world and internet technologies. ArcSight is a cyber-security that also was availed to the public for sales and was sold to HP.

Word has it that HP- Hewlett Packard paid about $1.5 billion for the ownership of Archsight.Hern is currently working hard to bring Tsunami to new heights like he has done before with other companies he has founded. Tsunami offers a platform for any new and upcoming software applications while greatly leveraging on your computer’s graphics abilities. Hern’s day is characterized by about 6 hours in office strategizing, meeting business leaders and perhaps strategizing how on some more better business ideas. Hern remains optimistic that his business ventures will continue making waves in the business world.

Top Facts You Should Know About Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is one of the leading oils and gas companies, which has expanded its services in the Gulf Coast. The company has taken over the production of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico and other surrounding areas. The current company CEO, Timothy S. Duncan, founded the company in 2012. He is also the president of the company and holds other responsibilities like overseeing the day to day running of Talos Energy.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas back in 2017, Timothy Duncan was one of the victims. After safely flying his family to Alabama, the Talos Energy CEO went back to Texas and camped outside his parents’ house for weeks. It is at his mother’s dining room that Mr. Duncan brokered the $2.5 billion merger of his privately held company with Stone Energy Company. Though publicly traded and bankrupt, Mr. Duncan went ahead and acquired the corporation. He understood the risks that could come with the acquisition of Stone Energy, but he knew that his plans would make Talos Energy a public entity with zero costs of a public offering.

In August 2018, Talos announced the acquisition of Whistler Energy II, LLC. The approximate amount of oil produced by Whistler Energy was 1,900 barrels per day. The company was acquired at $52 million. Talos Energy settled at $77 million as the amount of money for collateral that it had secured Whistler’s surety bonds which Talos would not need to reinstate. Timothy Duncan’s company went back with $31 million, and the seller had the remaining $46 million. The company representatives from both sides expressed their satisfaction with the transaction, saying it was a win-win situation for both groups.

Talos Energy interests are always in the United States Gulf of Mexico as the company has been able to lead in explorations, beneficial acquisitions and development of both shallow and deep-water assets in energy industry.

Talos Energy’s chief executive has proven time and has shown his focus on the development and stakeholder in energy. His input has yielded a lot of fruits for the company, making profits each financial year. Mr. Duncan has the experience and willpower to drive Talos energy to even greater heights. He officially joined oil industry in 1996 and worked for Zilkha Energy. In 2000, Timothy Duncan was a notable figure in the launch of Gryphon Exploration. He is also the founder of Phoenix Exploration Company LP.

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FENIX XT is true Organo Gold

Do you need a pick-me-up? If you answered “yes,” then Organo Gold has what you need – FENIX XT, a refreshing energy drink that helps supports your level of stamina by giving you a healthy burst of energy. Low in calories and sugars, this mango-peach drink has an amazing 100 mg of caffeine per serving. In fact, it contains not one, but two types of caffeine that naturally sustain energy. This isn’t an ordinary energy drink. Like many of Organo Gold’s products, this energy drink stands out from its competitors as it contains Ganoderma lucidum, an ancient Chinese mushroom that is high in antioxidants.

The organically grown Ganoderma is truly unique, helping to promote health and increased energy levels, making this a one-of-a-kind product.  Additionally, FENIX XT features Vitamins B to support natural energy production and C Vitamins to boost immunity, as well as Rhodiola to support stamina and endurance, and Guarana to aid healthy blood flow. Potent antioxidants combat the damage that can be caused by free radicals from stress, working out and pollution.

Not only does this drink energize, but it also helps support alertness and focus. Packed into a convenient powder stick, FENIX XT by Organo Gold is perfect on the go. Give yourself a boost mid-morning, mid-afternoon or pre-workout! Simply mix the powder into 12-16 ounces of your favorite beverage and take on the day with a healthy boost – after all, we all need more energy. Make FENIX XT your go-to drink and see what you have been missing out on.

Organo Gold uses an Obvious Twist on the Network Marketing Model

Coffee is seen by some as a beverage of the gods, but it is also seen as a tool of Satan by certain religions founded in the United States. Which one of these viewpoints is correct? Likely neither. The easiest thing to say about java is that it is a beverage many people enjoy. Because of the relative scarcity of good coffee products in the United Sates, it also seems like Americans are willing to pay extra for moderately good products. This explains the success of Starbucks. People who want a little more out of their home coffee often seek out an Organo Gold distributor.

While not everyone cares for the network marketing business model, the products the companies offer are usually high quality. They usually have to be to justify the price of the product. Organo Gold is no exception. This organic, rich, fully flavored coffee lets people enjoy a cup of joe that is higher quality from what they get from Starbucks. Not only does it beat out the chain coffees, it also does not require a trip to the store.

Many enjoyable cups are made right in the convenience of the customer’s home.The founders of the Organo Gold company believed in the network marketing model, but they saw a problem with it. None of the companies offer a product people really wanted and needed. They decided to make sure to fix this problem. This decision has made the lives of many Organo gold distributors easier, and it is easier for people on the lower rungs to make a profit.