Getting To Know Edwin Miranda: CEO & Founder KOI IXS

The present promoting innovation and information can assist in growing sales at each business channel level. Regardless of whether it is interest, consideration, evaluation, intent or purchase, a suitable marketing organization that is benefitting as much as possible from the apparatuses accessible can benefit from the different business levels. Probably your promoting group, agency or department isn’t working to that great level; it may be an ideal opportunity to carry out a cost-benefit analysis – Edwin Miranda. When you’ve wrapped up, think about the best. With that being said, the best execution driven advertising organization in Puerto Rico is KOI IXS.

The KOI IXS site is chalk brimming with instances of the organization’s prosperity with their customers. The focal point of this is the man behind the organization, Edwin Miranda. The company is founded on the idea Miranda had at only the age of 21 years whereby the organization has prospered under his guidance from that point forward. Established on the union between new school marketing innovation and old school promotion wisdom, KOI is the instinctive advertising organization that is so frantically required in the business sector.

For a look at the wellspring of Edwin Miranda’s promoting thoughts, one needs to read his most loved book, “Predictive Marketing”. Miranda depicts the book as the one that changes your viewpoint and enhances your present learning. While pointing out to yesteryear’s marketing paradigms, Miranda stated that “as usual, the advertising is over.”

He emphasizes that while some people think the paradigms are changing, the paradigms are a thing of the past. Edwin Miranda believes the world is experiencing something new in matters of interacting with technology and when purchasing and handling ads. His book offers a plan to explore the progress from inventive to information-driven promoting, from one-measure fits-all into one-on-one, and from showcasing efforts to actual experiences with customers.

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Brian Torchin’s Impact In The Medical Field

Brian Torchin is a renowned entrepreneur who did his Chiropractic practice and developed Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing services whose sole purpose is to provide medical staffing and professional consultations. He has a degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and has studied at the New York Chiropractic College. This pool of knowledge motivated him to open a Chiropractic Practice in his area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The idea of opening up an HCRC staffing came when he noticed that it was tough to find employees who fit within the office staff. The HCRC Company has grown fast. It provides services that allow graduates to get employment within the health care sector and offers a guarantee in professionalism and reliability in their facilities. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

One of the main achievements in Brian Torchin’s HCRC staffing is that it has ensured cooperation with clients to facilitate career counselling and the integration of services in clinics and hospitals that have led to the reduction in the cost of patient care. HCRC is located in different states and practices Chiropractic services and has several offices with professional assistants and registered nurses.

Brian is active in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where he posts and shares pieces of information about his insight into the medical and related fields. He is concerned by the fact that social media is an essential tool in the recruitment of staff, yet most employers do not use them. Besides using social media as a medium of relaying important lessons, Brian Torchin consults people and companies on how to increase their visibility through social media. HCRC staffing has a mission to establish long-lasting relationships with their customers by providing the best services in healthcare build on respect and trust to ensure the delivery of the best results.

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Meet Sergey Petrossov: A Successful Entrepreneur Who Couldn’t Accept Anything Less than Success

Sergey Petrossov derived his inspiration to start JetSmarter from his personal experience flying on a private jet in 2009. The process of booking was hectic and he saw an opportunity to make a career out of bridging the gap. He serves as the CEO of JetSmarter, a company that help travelers to book trips using its mobile app. He has been recognized with Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology as well as Top Working Professional by the Sun.


Previously, Sergey Petrossov co-founded two high profile IT projects: a distance-learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions and an online chat system for website customer service. He was a board advisor at a South Florida-based private jet operator.


Sergey Petrossov flew on a private jet for the first time in 2009 and during that time, he identified challenges with the manual approach to booking charter flights. He felt that technology was the solution to streamline the booking process. He put together a development team and capital to develop a mobile app that could connect travelers with leading private jet operators. The JetSmarter app was officially launched to the public in 2013.


JetSmarter leverages highly skilled management, technology, as well as advisory teams with extensive combined experience to achieve its goals. The unwavering efforts of the team in conjunction with Sergey Petrossov’s visionary leadership resulted in the successful launch of the JetSmarter app. Today, JetSmarter has over 14,000 paid members who are paying up to $15,000 a year for its unparalleled services. The company which boasts as the Uber for private jets has attracted prominent investors including Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family. It is valued at $1.5 billion today.


Born in Russia, Sergey Petrossov moved to the US at a young age and despite the challenges faced in his 20s, he leveraged his drive and passion for what he did to get back up after being knocked down.


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Agera Financial

Agera energy started its operations in 2014. The company is located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. It is one of the retail energy suppliers in the United States targeting to simplify energy buying. The company supplies businesses and residential homes with electric power and natural gas for working, heating, cleaning, cooking, and entertainment use. The company supplies high amounts of energy for commercial use. It also provides practical solutions and utility invoice audits.

The company offers 100% pure renewable energy plan from the natural wind. The program helps American businesses to be environmentally sustainable and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Agera Energy Cambridge

From July 2017, Cambridge dwellers and businesses had access to clean electricity. This was after the Cambridge Community Electricity program was launched. The primary purpose of the plan was to negotiate a lower price of electricity charges by purchasing power in bulk. Agera Energy had signed an 18-month contract with the city of Cambridge. Cambridge businesses and residents started with their August utility bills to receive power supply from the company. Cambridge Community Electricity program saw a 25% increase in solar energy which was higher than the minimum energy of the state. Additionally, it reduced the cost of electricity in the City.

The power company started the supply from July 2017 until early January 2019 when the fixed contract ended.

Agera Energy Locations

The company offers its services in many states. However, only the following areas receive all services of electricity supply, natural gas supply, and efficiency supplies: California, Illinois, Ohio, Mary land, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.


Sussex Healthcare’s Modern Medical Care Approach

Throughout the medical industry, companies and individuals work around the clock to bring top of the line healthcare to the average individual. Facilitates compete each other for the best service and customer relations. However, in the southern area of England lies a cluster of buildings named Sussex Healthcare. The company was founded by an unlikely pair of individuals who shared a common goal. Employees and staff are trained on a regular basis to handle elderly and mental care issues. In a recent Medical Daily times article, they describes how the facility has survived for over two decades and counting.

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Sussex Healthcare believes in putting the patient’s care about all else. The companies founders have a rich background of knowledge and experience at their disposal. Starting with Shiraz Boghani, who brings over 20 years of hospitality experience to this venture. He knows the keys to making an average individual feel at home. At the same time, Shafik Sachedina has the medical background. He is a certified dentist with the experience of knowing to connect with patients on a close level. In addition, the company boasts have a wide variety of voices on the company bored. Sussex Healthcare wants to operate ahead of the curve and be the one innovating the ideas of tomorrow.

As a company that has now passed its 25th anniversary, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was recently hired as CEO of the the company. She brings a refreshing nursing background to the team. Her young mind brings new and innovate ways to connect with patients like never before. Having a fresh of ideas is vital to the sustainability of the company in the present economic climate.

The facility has a wide variety of living spaces to meet the needs of any individuals, while also having the supplies to handle nearly any kind of mental concern that arises. Sussex Healthcare is a shining beacon of light for the community, and the medical industry as a whole. They have shown that it is possible to have a high standard of care, with a hotel level of living space for the patients to use.



Jeremy Goldstein: Innovator for Success

Jeremy Goldstein is an innovative individual who initiated a dinner dedicated to those suffering from mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein has been able to bring many industry leaders to one single event. When an event is organized, there are many factors to take into consideration. The event venue must be reserved for months in advance. If the venue is not reserved in advance, there may be issue booking for a specific day. In order to ensure the event is not rushed, the entire evening should be booked at the venue. Another major factor to consider is seating.


It is important to know how many people will be attending the gathering. If there is not enough seating, guests will not be able to enjoy the evening. Therefore, the event organizer must overestimate the number of attendees. It is safer to have extra seating if needed. If guests do not RSVP in advance, it can be difficult to receive a head count. The event organizer must organize many aspects. Another common issue with events is parking. If there is not enough parking, there may be conflicts with road regulations. Certain main roads do not permit parking.


Most venues have ample parking lots and parking garages to accommodate a variety of guests. Depending on the event, guests may show up in large cars, SUV’s, sedan or limousines. For this reason, parking must be established well in advance.


Jeremy Goldstein has created events to raise awareness to the cause he believes in. Whenever an individual speaks their mind and raises awareness to a cause, others should listen. Raising awareness is an important aspect of any cause. If attention is not drawn to a particular subject, others won’t be aware of it. Many global charities operate on the principal of awareness. Many global citizens are unaware of the state of the environment. Environmental awareness groups often find it difficult to notify the masses regarding the current state of the planet.


When a good cause is supported, many individuals feel a sense of connection. If an individual is involved in their passion with others, they develop a unique bond. These types of bonds are rare and therefore should be strengthened. When two individuals come together for a cause, amazing results can happen. From human rights groups to environmental activist and animal activists, individuals can come together for the purpose of better themselves.


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The Background of Financial Officer Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian business executive who has been in the financial industry for over 23 years. He is a financial officer who has experience dealing with a wide variety of issues. He serves as a financial advisor who has helped many types of companies including those both private and public. He has also advised entrepreneurs starting new companies, private equity funds, and large multinational firms.

Among Cassio Audi’s skills are growth strategy development, resource management, IPO, investor relations, business planning, accounting, and financial management. His career began at JP Morgan where he was hired as a trader in 1992. Other companies he has worked for include Rossi Commercial Properties, Gillette, GVMI, and Brooksfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc.

He was also a part of Brazil’s music scene earlier in his life. As a teenager in 1985, Cassio Audi created a heavy metal rock band with four of his friends. Playing the drums, he helps create a demo album that was well-reviewed by music critics. This band, Viper, produced an album they called Soldiers of Sunrise. This was a big hit and is considered an influential album in Brazil. He stayed with this band until 1989 when he decided to start college.

Mike Nierenberg: A Triumphant Investments Manager

Investing starts with identifying where to invest. Making a decision based firm research will save you from making losses. Mike Nierenberg is a professional banker. He is the managing director of Fortress. He is also the chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Reuters. At global mortgages, he was the head and the managing director. In 2008 he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was responsible for sales and trading activities within the division. Before joining America Merrill Lynch, he worked at PJ Morgan where he was the head of global securitized products and a member of its investment bank branch management committee.

Currently, Mike Nierenberg is the Chief Executive Officer of new residential investments. In 2016 he was appointed as a chairman of the board. New residential investment is a company focused on managing finances related to real estate sector. They aim to drive returns to investments specifically on excess mortgage servicing rights, an association call rights, servicer advances, and non- agency residential mortgage securities. Their main objectives are to maximize the amount of revenue generated to their stakeholders through dividends. According to Mike Nierenberg, the company plans to achieve the goals by using their expertise in trading in assets that make stable cash flow. They also strategize on increasing returns by using economic tools to earn more interest. Mike is excited that all the company segments performed well.

The company had excellent results compared to other mortgage firms. Despite the government move to use its tools to raise the tax, mike Nierenberg is still optimistic and believes they will continue making a significant impact in the market. As they think the market will go well in 2019, they target to capture activities by taking advantage of market dislocations. The primary goal of the company is to protect its shareholders by making opportunist investments where appropriate. The company’s capital was spread exceptionally well with lots of capital being set in the fixed income sector. The company seeks to invest in sectors not listed in their company portfolio to earn more revenues for its shareholders. The company anticipates for more non-bank financial services that widely increase their opportunities. In short, they want 2019 to be an excellent year for the company and its shareholders.

Organo Gold: A Cultural Movement

Trends tend to come and go no matter the category. At the present moment, coffee production is at an all-time high. This field is loaded with top-quality brands such as Folgers, Nestle, Dunkin Donuts and Maxwell House. One of the newbies in this particular field is known as Organo Gold. Pushing the limits of coffee is what this brand does best. Organo Gold’s coffee products are loaded with a plethora of beneficial ingredients, including antioxidants and vital nutrients. These beneficial ingredients have been known to give the immune system a boost. Ganoderma lucidum is the weapon of choice, and this super-herb grows on the logs in some of China’s higher altitudes.

Organo Gold is a Canadian-based coffee producer. The company was launched by Bernardo Chua over 10 years ago. This master-network marketer has been able to take Organo to the next level thanks to its independent distributors. Coffee culture is an experience that’s waiting to happen. If you are unaware of America’s coffee culture, then look no further than the Northwest region of the US. This area is a hotspot for coffee consumers. Brands such as Tully’s Coffee, Starbucks and Seattle’s Best have very deep roots here. From small coffee shops to large coffee venues, the Northwest region of the US has it all. A 100-mile stretch along the Pacific coast will put you at ground zero. Some of the more popular coffee havens are located in Seattle and Portland.

Visiting your local coffee house can expose you to new experiences. The vibes are generally pleasant, and the people are generally friendly. All of this attention started during the 1980s, and Organo Gold has continued this journey by providing black ice, café mocha, café supreme, gourmet-black coffee, café latte and many other products. Organo Gold is simply winning by design, and it’s changing the landscape for the better.

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Edwin Miranda’s Insightful Tactics In The Marketing Industry

Edwin Miranda holds the CEO position of a lucrative marketing agency known as KOI IXS. He is also the founder of KOI. The agency’s fundamental policy and approach is performance marketing. The organization helps international brands attain new clients, create a consequential customer arrangement, and acquire a vast market share. Edwin believes in incorporating new trends in his business to adequately satisfy the clients.

Edwin Miranda realized that in digital marketing, one trend with more potential than even mobile or social media is programmatic advertising. The technology has gained popularity within a brief period. More than 50% of marketers have adopted programmatic advertising in their business. Before the emergence of programmatic advertising, marketers would only display one text or advert to all potential customers. However, the new trend enables marketers to send personalized messages to every customer. The technology analyzes the behavior of all the prospective clients who visit the website and sends them different adverts. The adverts are based on the customers’ preferences and needs.

The programmatic technologies are advancing according to Edwin Miranda. Businesses using programmatic advertising would soon be able to display adverts on mobile devices. The trend has the capacity to dominate the digital marketing world. Marketers are focusing on learning and understanding the technology because soon the traditional methods will be faced out. Edwin Miranda embraces new trends to always remain relevant in the marketing industry.

Edwin Miranda works with a group of inventors, designers, strategists and thinkers as his team. He uses the combined talents to produce extraordinary ideas and results. The agency’s primary goal is to satisfy the clients. Edwin established KOI IXS when he was only 21 years old. Mr. Miranda’s passion is the essential ingredient of his successful business.

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